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This adapter is the easiest way to connect a PlayStation 2 to HDMI

As television technology evolves, it becomes more difficult to connect classic consoles to modern televisions. Connecting up PlayStation 2 to games and streaming via HDMI was particularly difficult, because the Pounds PlayStation 2 HD Link cable made it easy.

My original attempt to connect PlayStation 2 (and original PlayStation) to my catcher, currently Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra, was a generic white box I bought from Amazon labeled something like the PS2 To HDMI. It worked as a kind. I got a lot of stamming trying to record video and some things would not play at all.

When Pound came out to me about their $ 30 PlayStation 2 HDMI cable, I was skeptical. How was it different from the ones I had previously tried? It connects to PlayStation 2 in the same way, one end in the AV slot of the console, the other ends a standard HDMI cable. An additional USB cable goes from the Pound to PS2 to power.

But once upon a time the difference was immediately apparent. The pound adapter worked without a notch. I've scaled up HDMI 720p video from PlayStation 2.

Here's a quick clip I snagged from one of my favorite PS2 games, Capcom's Bombastic .

The Pound Adapter can be connected to a PlayStation 2 or an original PlayStation, although I prefer to use PS2 backward compatibility (ahh, the good old days) for to play games like Beast Wars Transmetals . It is one of the worst 1-to-1 match games ever deserving.

The pound can be easy to use, but it has its drawbacks. For any one of the screen conditions I've put on PlayStation 2, the HD Link cable extends it to full screen. If you want the old school 4: 3 ratio in your streams or videos, you'll need to fine tune the image in the streaming or video editing program unless your TV has a setting to force it.

And while the HD Link cable is upscaling to 720p, it's upscaling composite video instead of the superior component video, which makes a significant difference.

And that's the black border. Not that it's detrimental Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana My go to PlayStation 2 games.

The pound is not fancy and there is room for improvement, but damn if it is not easy. Just a pair of cables plugged in and the boom, the Pounds PlayStation 2 HD Link provides a crisp HDMI signal that is perfect for recording, streaming or just playing old favorites, scaled up without noticeable layers. That was exactly what I needed.

Learn more about the PlayStation 2 HD Link cable on the Pound website.

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