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These NES-style playing card holders are cute, making them harder to lose

Retro 85 NES Cartridge Game Case© Nintendo Life

We’m not sure about you, but it’s our personal opinion here at Nintendo Life that the small, small (and tasty?) Switch game cards are frustrating easy to place errors. We can only be very accident-prone or absent (or both), but we have spent many hours crawling around the house and trying to find a game that has fallen out of our carrying case – usually when we just about going to work.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this strangely specific problem, and it comes in the form of small NES-shaped Switch playing card holders. These small plastic cases are made by Retro Fighters and allow you to store your games in style, and they even have a small sping-loading mechanism, just like the Switch̵

7;s cartridge slot does – a little push down on the top of the playing card, and it shows up straight out of the case. Tidy!

You get 8 bags in each package, as well as a transparent carrying case to hold them all. We must say that we are completely struck by these and hope to see other variants in the future – Game Boy or SNES in particular.

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Thanks to Games Connection for delivering the Retro 85 NES cassette boxes used in this feature.

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