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These JBL bookshelf speakers look like an instant classic

JBL announced new bookshelf speakers that look iconic and vintage – and you can actually afford them. The all-new L52 Classic has the same walnut wood veneer shelf and striking foam grille (available in black, blue or orange) as the company’s $ 2,500 L82 Classic, but they cost significantly less. You can buy a pair for only $ 1000.

The main reason why the L52 Classic is so much cheaper is the size. They are smaller (or “scaled down”, according to the company) versions of the L82 Classic. Each L82 Classic weighs approximately 14 kilograms and is 18 inches high, while each L52 Classic weighs 1

1 kilograms each and stands 13 inches high.

The nice thing about this size difference is that it means that the L52 Classic is small enough to fit on your bookshelf, while the L82 Classic certainly cannot. In fact, the L82 Classic is so large that they have to be paired with JBL’s expensive companion stand (which costs $ 250) to sound the best. The L52 Classic, on the other hand, is small enough to fit the speaker racks you already have.

In terms of sound quality, the L52 Classic does not deliver the same magnificent sound as the much larger L82 Classic, but they should still be large for most rooms. Each L52 Classic has a similar two-way design, with a 0.75-inch titanium dome tweeter, a 5.25-inch white cone speaker and a front-mounted tuned bass reflex port. The L52 Classic should work with most amplifiers, as they are not as powerful as their larger siblings.

If you are turned off by the L52 Classic and are interested in buying them, you have to wait. According to the company, they will be sold once this fall, but before the holidays.


JBL L52 Classic

$ 1000.00

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