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These are the best sounding real wireless earbuds, Bar None

When it comes to real wireless earphones, I've been less than impressed by many of them. From B & O E8 to Erato Vers, Zolo Liberty to Apple AirPods, I haven't really been sold on any of them. (I'm a Pixel 3-man, so AirPods doesn't have the same effect.) That's because if the sound quality was great, then the connection was flaky, or the app was bulky. And if the connection was good, the sound quality was missing. No real wireless earplug I tested knocked on the Goldilocks zone. It was before I tested Sennheizer's first true wireless earbuds, Momentum True Wireless, that blew me away. Although for $ 300, they should probably.

The Good: The biggest selling point for Momentum True Wireless is their incredible sound quality. For a truly wireless earpiece, they are outstanding. But for me, the good hardly stops there. They are also the only earplug we have tested that rivals the quick connect features of Apple's AirPods. The case is slim (but not as slim as others) and is wrapped in a textured gray fabric that feels surprisingly luxury. The earplugs fit well and do not feel so heavier and bulky when in ear while watching.

Who they are for: If you are looking for truly wireless earphones with the best possible sound quality, stop your search here. They work well in office settings and while commuting or traveling, thanks to a transparent hearing mode that allows ambient noise and can be switched on and off.

Watch out for: The biggest obstacle, and really the only thing you need to take care of, is the price. At $ 300, they are surely on the tip of the market for true wireless earphones. For context, AirPod costs about half of what they should, and many believe AirPods is too expensive. That said, the price tag is certainly in the realm of many over-the-ear headphones with similar sound quality. Some reviewers have discovered that the touch rules on both earphones may be unintentional, but I found that when I knew what to do, it was easy to control volume, pause / play and jump to the next track.

Options: ] In terms of price and sound quality, the most comparable alternative is Bang & Olufsen's E8 Wireless Earplugs ($ 299). They are of the same size, have a competitive sound quality and offer many of the same features. Another, cheaper option would be Optomas NuForce BE Free8 ($ 149). They are the only other earplugs that offer aptX low latency support.

Review: As far as I'm concerned, these are the best sounding true wireless earbuds you can buy. Bar none. AirPods doesn't really come close. Neither does the Jabra Elite 65t. If sound quality, sound insulation and comfort are important to you, Momentum True Wireless earbuds should be your ear plugs of choice.

When testing, they were easy to set up and pair with my Google Pixel 3 and my MacBook Pro. In fact, when they were first paired with each device, it was the fastest I have experienced from any Bluetooth device to connect to my phone and computer. And when it was connected, the signal was strong and there was almost no interference or characteristic popping and cutting that I experienced with other true wireless earphones when my phone is in my pocket.

The sound quality was clear and a bit warm (a characteristic Sennheiser is known for). The base was there, without the teeth talking, and treble and midtton were clear and consistent. I listened to a wide range of music as well as podcasts and was impressed by Momentum's performance through. And if you're going to come across a particular song that doesn't sound right, or if the sound profile outside the sound doesn't work perfectly, you can also access an equalizer for the Sennheiser Smart Control. adjust things. It also gives you battery levels on each earplug, as well as the transparent hearing mode that enhances ambient noise.

The rating: When I first listened to the Momentum earplugs, their sound shocked me. In the best possible way. And so when I saw the price, I was shocked too. That said, having spent two weeks with them, I think that the Momentum earbuds could replace every headphone in my current rotation – including my Bowers & Wilkins P5 earphones. They hit everything I was looking for in a wireless headphone, minus perhaps the gesture support for control on the earbuds, but I'm willing to overlook it thanks to the amazing sound quality.

Key Specifications
Battery Life: 4 hours
Charging Station: USB-C
Compatibility: Android 7.0 and up; iOS 11.0 and up
Water resistance: IPX4

Sennheiser rated this product.

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