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The world’s first flying motorcycle ace Successful test drive

Your father does not have to be Daedalus to know about the dangers of flying too close to the sun. But the sad story of Icarus is worth keeping in mind as you read this story. As cool as it sounds, taking a flying motorcycle 15,000 feet in the sky sounds like the start of a modern myth. Especially when it can reach speeds of 300 miles per hour.

Jetpack Aviation’s “The Speeder” (which we first learned about DesignTAXI) is a sci-fi dream come true. It is like Star Wars speeders crossed with a Jet Ski and a helicopter. The 231-pound engine has four turbojet engines and can run on petroleum or diesel. It is also fully stabilized and has a fly-by-wire. And now it is ready to hit the market.

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According to Luxury launches, the company’s jet-powered unit successfully completed a period of tethered test flights over five months earlier this year. The P1 prototype was able to take off, climb into the sky, soar in the air, twist and spin, and “make slow transitions to forward flight.”

Now that they know it works, the company has already started work on a more advanced prototype. It will replace the original model’s large aluminum frame with a smaller frame consisting of carbon fiber body panels. And Jetpack Aviation already has plans to give the third prototype a full-bodied body along with compact wings. In addition to doubling the amount of engines. As they say will allow up to 600 pounds to travel 300 miles as high as 15,000 feet in 20 minutes. All in a vertical take-off and landing vehicle (VTOL) that can fit in the back of a truck.

An illustration and a helmet riding a blue-flying motorcycle that looks like a jet skiJetpack Aviation

The world’s first aircraft motorcycle also comes in both leisure and military / commercial models. Each with a large introductory price tag of $ 380,000. Which, oddly enough, is the best reason to feel good about this equally exciting and scary machine. If Daedalus spent so much on the Icarus wings, he would not have had to rely on wax.

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