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The World Ends With You: Final Remix: The Kotaku Review

Screenshot: The World Ends With You (Square Enix)

If You Have Never Played The World Ends With You before, the Nintendo Switch version released on Thursday night is not a bad way to get into it. Final Remix retains the game's great sense of humor, its amazing music, and Tetsuya Nomura's most restrained character designs.

The World Ends With You If you have played it before-say, if you're a big fan of the original 2007 Nintendo DS version, you'll probably be disappointed by the Switch port. is an RPG about a misanthropic teenager, Neku Sakuraba, who finds himself trapped in a deadly game in Tokyo's Shibuya district. He has seven days to fight for his life for a chance to be reborn. To his chagrin, he is stuck with a partner, Shiki Misaki, who does not particularly like at the start. Derek, Neku does not like anyone. When I picked up this game before college in 2008, I had a lot in common with Neku and his irritating, dour moods.

Screenshot: The World Ends With You (Square Enix)

Playing this game actually changed my life. If Neku learned to reach out to other people, and so did learned that everyone, no matter how superficial they may seem, has an inherent value in life, so did I. The World Ends With You made me Stop playing games for a while in a effort to be more social. Part of what made it so impactful was that the systems of the game were all aimed at reinforcing its core point: Do not shut yourself off from the world.

Neku cooperates with his partner in order to combat enemies efficiently in the original version of the game. You have to make it. Du kontrollerede han på den nederste skærm med stylus, mens du bruger de knapper til at kontrollere Neku's partner på topskærmen. Hvis du har det riktig, kan du passere en glødende puck frem og tilbage imellem de personer, der oplader en særlig bevægelse som gjorde en masse skade. Het klinkt ongeschikt, maar het illustreerde de strijd om met een ander persoon. Når du endelig kom i en rytme, så forstod du både i spillet og forhåbentlig i verden, at arbejdet med at arbejde sammen med andre er det værd. By the time I reached the final, I had grown so attached to these characters that it was hard to say goodbye. After completing the game's 25-hour story, I went on to log another 125 grinding through optional bosses and missions, as well as revisiting particular chapters of the game that I thought were the most interesting.

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All the best elements of the game – the character writing, music, and character design – are intact.


The touch screen and motion controls ruin the game's core message. Also, it's just plain boring.


Square Enix and Hand


The game's 25 hour story, plus another hour of A New Day

I can not see anyone getting that obsessed with the switch version of the game. Det er mindre en port av DS versjon enn en port av den mobile versjonen av spillet, hvilket betyr at den bruker mobilportens touch-screen kontroller. There's no real way to get around them. When the Joy-Cons are attached to the console, they simply stop working. You have to use the touch screen. Når den Switch er docket og Joy-Con er fjernet, skal du bruge bevægelsesstyring som mimicerer de bevægelser du ville være på skærmen med din finger. I tried to play the game that way, but it's simply atrocious. If you're lucky enough to find a comfortable position to hold your hand while you're swinging around a Joy-Con, getting the game to recognize some of the more delicate motions you make is a struggle.

Not that it's Any easier when you use the touch screen. Etter at jeg spillte igennem spillets historie, så forstod jeg at det var en halv sekund forsinkelse på enhver bevægelse du gjorde på touchscreen. Attacks in this game are determined by pins you win off enemies or buy, and different pins use different gestures to trigger their attacks. Nogle af de angreb som Neku bruker, kræver at du skal gjøre ting som å trekke en krets på skjermen. Fordi det tar et øyeblikk for spillet, registrerer du at du er i en krets, og i det øyeblikket fiender angriper deg, bruk av angrep som de er bare ikke veldig mulige.

Screenshot: The World Ends With You (Square Enix)

Screenshot: The World Ends With You (Square Enix) )

In Final Remix there's no struggle to get your partner to cooperate with you. Du kan bare ringe dem ned ved å trykke på skjermen eller, senere i spillet, ved swiping eller dragging. Att få din partner att kunna angripa på kommandot slutar göra spelet för enkelt. Der er ingen egentlig grund til at undersøge spillets dybere systemer, som om klærne, eller evolving pins into more powerful forms. I beat the game's final boss by standing in one place and swiping.

While the game's most powerful moments were undercut by the neutered mechanics, there are still highlights. Minamimoto, a math-obsessed villain, is still hilarious, as are the punch-clock mooks Uzuki and Kariya. Denne gangen, Neku er tvunget til at betragte menneskeheden af ​​to karakterer, Nao og Sota, som han tidligere havde skrevet som vapid, det var en smule mere poignant for meg, måske fordi jeg er eldre nå og mindre angry about "the preps." The writing is still strong, as is the voice acting.

Screenshot: The World Ends With You (Square Enix)

If you've never played you're welcome to play the game. ] The World Ends With You before, maybe these things will not bother you. Hvis du er en returning spiller, er det imidlertid svært at ignorere. There's not much new content either. The allure of a new storyline mission, called A New Day, was all that kept me going 'to the end of the game. There are some neat features in this new fashion, like battles that impose novel challenges. Somsimes enemies will split and multiply while you fight, making you defeat them quickly. Other times, Neku's health drains over the course of the battle but he can regain health by defeating monsters. Men, når jeg såg at dette scenariet reused en boss kamp fra hovedspillet, bestemte jeg at jeg ville sette det ned for en stund. Selv om spillet kan du prøve enhver kamp-inklusiv bossfighter, så du kan bare nyde narrativet. Jeg har ikke lyst til at engagere mig med det samme indhold fra hovedspillet en gang.

There's plenty of you with 3DSes collecting dust somewhere in a drawer, like mine ice cream. Hvis det er du, gå ut på hvor å ta en kopi av DS versjonen av dette spillet. Det er virkelig verdt det, og hvis du var på samme sted hvor jeg først spilte dette spillet, det kan bare forandre livet ditt. Final Remix is a fine option, but it may leave you confused as to why The World Ends With You Evangelists have been hoping for this franchise's return after all these years.

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