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The Traegers Grill app now works with the Apple Watch

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Screenshot: Traeger

Traeger Pellet grills and smokers are the center of many suburban grills, and those lucky enough to be able to care for these machines are considered gods among the bust. Now, after many years of just being able to check and customize your grill over the phone, Traeger is now offers an Apple Watch app for grills on the go.

Traeger’s grill is wifi-enabled, which means you can connect them remotely. The phone app currently offers recipes and alerts that tell you when the meat is reaching a certain temperature. You can also change the heat and even activate the smoker remotely.

The Apple Watch app is similar but simpler. The app allows you to change the temperature, check the probe temperature and turn on the heating mode when the meal is finished. The video below shows an idyllic example where the grill picks some beef on the grill and then goes in snowshoes and checks the grill from the wrist.

Apple Watch apps are not new, but this one is particularly spicy in that, although not technologically impressive, it puts control over the smoked pork on your wrist. If it’s not the future, I do not know what is.

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