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The target has stock; Release is coming this week

Target PS5 January 19 Tuesday
Logos of Target and PS5 are the characteristics of Target and Sony respectively

From our sources we know that Target stores has got more stock for both PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X consoles. Although Target corporate has not revealed any dates for the upcoming drops, here’s all you need to know.

In case you are not aware, we have been reporting the target case successfully since December. We reported on Target Drop on January 20th, December 29th and December 21st. Our Discord community also predicted and reported Target Drop on February 2nd.

According to a source who has a leading position in Target, stores have started receiving stock. During January 20, stores stopped receiving stock around January 19, and Target dropped immediately the next morning.

This may mean We’ll possibly see a target fall anywhere between tonight, ie February 14th (ie 3pm to 8am EST) and tomorrow. If not, we can look up for another two days. Usually Target is known not to keep stock. This means that as soon as they receive stock, they release the consoles for sale.

As I wrote in a previous article, “the stores get very little stock, and we can therefore not expect much from Target at this time. From talking to several PS5 trackers, I can say that the drops to follow would be relatively weaker than what we have seen before. So it is better not to have high expectations while still looking for an opportunity. ”

How to buy PS5 from Target

Target sells PS5 only online. You need to buy the console online and visit the store for pickup or drive-up. There are no walk-ins at all.

The usual time when the target falls is in between 3 AM – 7 AM ET. Be extra ready during 5 AM – 7 AM ET as Target has dropped the PS5 several times during these two hours.

Target purchase links

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition – Click here

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – Click here

What are the fastest ways to check out on Target?

The fastest ways are –

  1. Stay logged in to both the Target website on your computer and the Target app on your phone.
  2. Based on our observations, most who have secured PS5 from Target have had success throughout Target on their phones. So, using the app is a must.
  3. If you have one Measure RedCardthe checkout gets even faster.
  4. Keep updating your Target website and app every 5 minutes. If you do not want to do that and just want to be notified when they fall off, follow us on Twitter, as we tweet immediately when a drop comes.
  5. Be sure you inform your bank / credit card company that you want to make a big purchase. Some people have faced order terminations due to fraud / suspicious activities.
  6. Join our Discord server. We have separate channels for geolocations. This will help you to be notified when a target store in your area / region has PS5 units in stock.
  7. If stores based on your zip code do not have a warehouse, you can try nearby zip codes based on how convenient it is to travel to pick up your device.

If we have more updates regarding Target, we will update this article and post a tweet.

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