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The speed test we have been waiting for – BGR

Samsung's latest 2018 flagship phone was finally released this Friday after months of leaks and rumors. Galaxy Note 9 was immediately the best Android phone on the market when it hit the store shelves late last week, and reported that consumers found the phone much more appealing than the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + from earlier this year. Note 9 looks almost as its predecessor, just like the S9 duo, but it also provides significant battery life and a beautiful new S Pen stylus with built-in Bluetooth. Regulations are said to have been much higher than they were before the S9 and S9 + launch, which is good news since the Galaxy S9 duo is expected to be Samsung's worst selling Galaxy S lineup since 201


Now that Galaxy Note 9 has been released , gadget reviews that failed to get their hands on an early device, put the phone through their steps. We have already reviewed Galaxy Note 9, so we do not care about most of the coverage that appeared this weekend, but it's especially a video we've been waiting for and now it's finally here.

YouTube User "PhoneBuff" is one of countless YouTubers who perform real-time speed tests that pit two flagship phones against each other to see which one is faster in use in reality. These tests are hardly scientific, but they show how fast a phone can load apps and switch between programs, which obviously gives an indication of how the phone will perform in the hands of users. And although there are actually dozens of YouTube channels like post-speed test videos on these lines, PhoneBuff was among the first to do it, and his tests are usually the most reliable.

The YouTuber pitted iPhone X and its A11 Bionic chipset at the entrance level Galaxy Note 9. Both phones cost $ 1000, but Galaxy Note 9 gives buyers a little more bang for their money. While the $ 1000 iPhone X contains 64GB of storage and 3GB of RAM, packs $ 1000 Note 9 128GB of storage space and twice RAM of 6GB.

We do not usually destroy PhoneBuffs videos, but in this post we make an exception because he spoiled the end even at the beginning. The iPhone X was a little faster to load all the test games in the first "round", and released Note 9s 2: 15.47 with a time of 2: 09.88. The second round has the phone recall all the same apps again and we knew that the note 9 would blow iPhone X out of the water here (Mark 9: 0: 46.59, iPhone X: 1:20:04). It's not just because it has twice RAM, but. This is because PhoneBuffs iPhone X ran the latest version of iOS 11, which is still wearing RAM management problems and optimization issues.

We will be very interested in seeing a review with iPhone X when the final version of IOS 12 has been released. Regarding Note 9 vs. Apple's next-generation iPhone models starting next month, we do not expect it to be much of a competition. Meanwhile, PhoneBuffs video is embedded below.

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