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The Sims 4 update adds bunk beds and afro hairstyles

A new update for The Sims 4 is now available on all platforms. It makes a number of in-game repairs, in addition to bunk beds and adjusts afro-centric hairstyles.

Hairstyles like “Puffball” and “Short Afro” have been re-textured so that they look a little more realistic, with curling patterns that are more prominent. In addition to the change, both hairstyles now have conversions for adults, children and toddlers.


The update also adds bunk beds to The Sims 4. There is a “basic style” bunk bed that matches the Mod Pod bed from the base game, as well as a metal-framed version. Furthermore, the upper bunk can be separated from the rest of the frame and used “alone”. There is also a relaxing posture that the Sims can use in all bed types.

Various Sims 4 extensions are also addressed. The basic game sees that toddlers now actually eat the food prepared for them, while Seasons gets a new polar bear diving tradition. The complete note notes are below.

The Sims 4 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Sims 4:
    • Toddlers will now eat the food your Sims have prepared for them. My mother used to say when my siblings and I were children that “this is not a restaurant, you eat what I cook for you all”, so yes … many times I saw my sister stay at the table until she was done with all her vegetables … her nemesis was spinach. Bet mom would wish she had this solution … yup!
    • Does your Sim create puddles when they drink water? We have adjusted and channeled every leak your Sims may have, so this should no longer occur.
    • Auto Solving for Hygiene should no longer be queued for a drink in the interaction queue. OK.
    • Older adults, young adults and teenage swimmers can now play dolls with toddlers. Aww, sweet. ^ _ ^
    • 21st birthday Create a sim assets puTop_EF28TankScallop and puBottom_EF28JeansCuffed are now displayed correctly with the Special Birthday icon and tooltips.
    • As always, this editor and localization team made some adjustments and perfected some of the text in the game across all packages and previous updates. #fabuloso
  • Go to work
    • Scientists Sims can now complete the Transform Some Grass mission.
  • Cats and dogs
    • Kittens will reach Age Up when they receive Age Up Treats. Now, why should you have your kittens? Who does not want kittens to live evigrrrrrrrrrr? – Ooooh – Who dares to be a kitten foreveeeerrrr?
    • Pet Poop can now be used properly as fertilizer. This means that no, you do not store Pet Poop forever in your Sims inventory, it will now be used again … as intended.
  • Seasons
    • Have you ever heard the saying “it is as useless as plowing the sea?” What? Is it just a Venezuelan saying? Well, the maids who mopped puddles while they were in thunderstorms? It’s one thing in the past … the immediate past … yes.
    • For those who are polar bear enthusiasts, we have good news! Polar Bear Plunge Tradition can now be celebrated.
  • Get known
    • Global Superstar Sims will no longer get Reage with disgust from other Sims – especially at their wedding … really? This was a thing? – Reacting with disgust is left for the celebrity Sims who are not famous, and they appear on Lot – Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  • Eco Lifestyle
    • Fixed an issue with Insect Farms showing Ready to Collect when in fact they were not. Keep your little insect horses little boys!
    • What? Vertical gardens are evolving! Solved a problem where Vertical Gardens did not evolve as they were both in the Ready to Evolve and Ready to Harvest state.
    • Community Voting Board has been found and reintroduced in Build Mode! However, cafes, restaurants and veterinary clinics will have to wait for a future update, as it is still missing for these types of parties.
    • Do you love that life outside of life, but suddenly plumbing work is needed? Wait, what? Say no more … We have now made it so that eating / drinking grains, milk, juice, yoghurt and water does not require plumbing work. Wait, why would milk – even grain – require plumbing work? Is there a grain bar pipe system I do not know about that is in the game? Wouldn’t it be filled with moist cereal? I have questions!
    • The best way to keep Cricket Flour is to keep it in the fridge! Now you can have the flour ready to be used extra fresh and crispy (crispy? Crunchy?). We have also made it possible to store Beetle Nuggets, Bombardier Beetle Nuggets and Grub Meal. Good Provecho!
  • Parenting
    • Parent swimmer, did the teens behave badly? You buried them, but they continue to do evil things? We have solved a problem with teenagers not behaving stealthily while they are grounded over the phone. My parents grounded me personally, but hey, anything that works.
  • Travel to Batuu
    • We solved a problem where extraterrestrial inhabitants of Batuu did not have the right appearance. However, this solution is not retroactive and will be seen resolved in New Storage.
  • Cozy knitting
    • Sims can resume knitting after being interrupted while knitting.
    • The beginner yarn basket is now properly marked under Skill-Building Objects in Sims’ Inventories.
  • Bust the Dust
    • We retrained our cute but dirty Dust Bunnies so as not to show up so often. We also made some adjustments to the dust situation, and we now hope that it does not accumulate as often as it has. What’s your favorite name for your Dust Bunny? Mine is Furthur! (Italian Simmers … hope you know what I’m talking about).
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