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The Sims 4 has now seen, a new way to buy DLC packs

The Sims 4 already receives regular new content via expansions, Game Packs and Stuff Packs, but now EA Maxis also sells Kits. Kits are less affordable packages that add new features or items to the long-lived life simulation game, and there are three available today.

They add 90s leisure, country style kitchen cabinets and dust, and each will give you $ 5 / £ 5 / € 5. There’s a trailer below.

It is always dangerous to refer to the “community”

; of the game, as if the players in a game are a monolithic group. The Sims 4 is a strong example. The series has a reputation among some for nickel-and-dimming players with dozens of paid expansions, and if it’s you, the sets will not change your mind. The comments below the video above show how some people feel, and I suspect that there will soon be similar comments under this post.

However, look elsewhere, and there are many Sims 4 players who are happy with the different things offered in these packages. Me? I play The Sims almost exclusively during the break, solely to build wonderful homes, and a set of shabby, elegant kitchen furniture is quite compelling. I’ve seen others, those who actually want to play game pieces, talk about how cute the little dust rabbit creatures are. Because “dust” sets not only add inert piles of dust, see.

One comment I’ve seen a lot that seems fair is that these sets are bigger news for console gamers than they are for people on PC, because dust rabbits aside, PC gamers can already access equally small and focused sets made by society. Our choices for the best Sims 4 CC include, for example, many kitchen items, and everything is free.

The Sims 4’s Country Kitchen Kit, Bust The Dust Kit and Throwback Fit Kit are all available now via Origin and Steam for $ 5 / £ 5 / € 5. Future packages will be released one at a time. You can also see more of these sets in this archived developer’s Twitch feed from an hour ago.

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