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The Samsung app leaks all the details on Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked is probably scheduled for August 11, although much of the event has been leaked in its entirety. We know pretty much everything about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, we’ve seen the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watches, and we have a rough idea of ​​what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. A developer named Tim Schneeberger has just found an early beta of the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 plugin on Samsung’s update server, and it contains a lot of information about the upcoming earphones. You may remember that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro leaked in a similar way before.

Schneeberger has disassembled the app and shared all his findings in a GitHub archive, and there is a lot of information that was not public before. While we have already seen Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 both inside and outside the cover, the app also contains some pictures of the earbuds in black, white, gray / green, purple and yellow. Yellow and gray / green are new colors that have not been seen before. The app did not contain any pictures of battery cases, except for a simple line drawing that matches the Buds Pro and Buds Live case.

In terms of functions, the app adds a new function to activate active noise reduction in one earplug. The option is currently invisible in the app, and Schneeberger indicated that it will be available if the app detects that the connected earbuds have a specific firmware version installed. There is also an interactive tutorial that helps the user to use the earplugs correctly (similar to Buds Live), and you can now enable / disable single-touch, double-click, triple-tap and touch and hold touch actions individually.

The developer patched the app to simulate a pair of connected Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 to see if there were any changes or redesigns in the app, as it were. The battery dashboard has been redesigned and is easier to use. Keep in mind that some settings such as Bixby voice wake-up and active noise reduction in an earplug are invisible in the screenshots below, but they do exist.

Compared to Buds Pro, there are a few missing features. There is no 360-degree audio function for one, nor is it “outside double-tap on volume controls”

; at the moment (although there is still logic for it in the Bluetooth rear end). There is no “high / low” option for ANC anymore, and you can not fine tune it, but as already mentioned, it will probably be possible to activate ANC even if only one earplug is connected. Some more detailed battery info is also present, as the app shows that each earplug has a 61 mAh, while the case has a capacity of 472 mAh.

The Equalizer page is the same as well, while the “find my earplugs” page has been redesigned a bit.

The app shown here is a pre-release, and there may still be changes coming before the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 is actually released. Many favorite features from previous Buds are here or are improving, and there are some features that are present last year Buds Pro that are not here in Buds 2. It is possible that we will see a Buds 2 Pro come later this year that will give some more features that have been omitted. We know that Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will be able to connect multiple devices at once for seamless swapping (something previous Buds could not do), which includes connection to non-Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 has a stone-shaped cover, and each earplug appears to have two microphones on the outside. There are charging pins and optical sensors for wear detection on the inside, and there do not seem to be many significant changes compared to Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +. We found the Samsung Galaxy Buds to be some of the best genuine wireless earphones you can get on the market, and we look forward to what the regular Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will bring to the table.

Thanks Tim Schneeberger for the tip!

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