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The Road of Excellency Partial Preview: The Road of Exilens Becomes Its First Endless Dungeon

I love Path of Exile Dungeons. I love them so much that I will never leave them, and when the next expansion of the Exile Road will be launched on August 31, I do not need. Grinding Gear Games lead designer Chris Wilson tells me that an infinite dungeon is something the players want for a while. It's easy to see why, Path of Exile considers its endless lure to continue playing hinges on not knowing what epic piece of loot that can be around the next corner. But like all things in the way of exile, Delve, the new expansion, is not as simple as it sounds.

The story here is one that we've all heard before: An infectious dark attacker an old mine of treasures drives everyone away. Just here, the dark is literal-Delve is an expansion of exploring an infinite network of caves while you're still fighting to stay safe in the light. Step into the dark for another second and you begin to take indecent number of injuries, like can be worth it since this is where the best treasure is.

What is mine, my

But contrary to some previous extensions, which sometimes feel optional, Delve is significant and tempting.

Like any expansion to Exile Road, Delve is a temporary challenger who remixes the kernel mode by adding brand new features to battle with ̵

1; in this case an endless dungeon. When Delve launches August 31st, players will start brand new characters and run through the league for several months to the next expansion releases, and these characters will be retired to Path of Exile's permanent default history mode.

However, unlike any previous extensions, which sometimes feel optional, Delve is significant and tempting. While it will not completely replace Path of Exile's core activity and playoffs, I can see myself dive into it for every reason. Wilson says that the first experience the players have with infinite dungeons will happen within ten minutes of making a new character.

I do not know, Niko does not look so angry with me?

Delve introduces a new NPC called Niko the Mad, an engineer and inventor obsessed with exploring this long abandoned Azurite mine, died now in mortal darkness. He has invented a light-emitting vehicle, called a Crawler, which automatically charts a course through the mines and adds a variety of lights to illuminate the course. All the player needs to do is follow it to the goal to unlock the next part of the infinite dungeon.

To drive it, players must find a resource in the world called Voltax sulfite. This is how Delve plugs into the usual progression loop in the Exile path. As you adore through history or end, you meet veins of voltax sulfite and can call Niko to come and harvest it. Just a vein is enough to make a quick trip through the mines, or you can pick it up (to a point) and use it for a much longer gameunking session. There is no benefit for short or long trips through the mines, "said Wilson. It only gives players the freedom to play Delve how they want.

When you decide to take a walk into the mines, it looks like most of Path of Exile Dunes, only the map is more linear. The crawler will start working his way to the end, slow down or speed up to keep up with the player while hordes of monsters are attacking. Stick to the light from Crawler and you'll be relatively safe, but how are you having fun?

As the crawler moves through the dungeon, players will spy all kinds of treasures waiting in the dark. You may risk trying to get them for extra sweet loot, but every second spent away from the light will quickly clear your health. What's worse, monsters will try to prevent you and keep you from returning to Crawler on time. It's a brave game of risk against reward at every step, especially if you're like me and hate the idea of ​​leaving the treasure behind.

  Darkness is not your ally in Delve.

Darkness is not your ally in Delve.

Fortunately, Crawler leaves a number of lights as it goes. When it reaches the end of the map, these lights are lit. After you've survived a final battle against a boss or waves of enemies, the valley is complete and you're free to go back and risk dive into the dark areas you skipped.

Although you are risky and sticking to light, delves will still provide good rewards and nail-biting challenges. Grinding Gear Games has added more new monsters with Crawler Screw capabilities. An example I was shown was a creature that emits the EMP bursts that temporarily shut off the Crawler light completely.

Players want their own light source to trust in the gloomy moments. Flares can be thrown on the ground to temporarily illuminate dark areas. They are rare, though, so you must rationalize them accordingly. Wilson explains that while some taxes are just a few feet above the light of the Crawler and probably can be reached before the health goes out, much rarer items can be found far further off the beaten track. Players can risk it by making a lane of fire, but they do not last forever. You must move fast and survive monster attacks to make it back.

This is, of course, Path of Exile, and there must always be a team of elected successes behind each system.

Of course, this is the path of exile, and there must always be a team of elected successes behind each system. In the mines, players will find a resource called Azurite, which can be used to upgrade Crawler and their fire. Players can increase the radius of light for both, to give them more room to maneuver while fighting, expand their overall capacity for Voltax sulfite or flare so that they can last longer, or they can increase more passive statistics such as resistance to drainage .

The delve map quickly becomes a maze of choice.

And how to explore this endless dungeon is also up to you. While the levels you dive through are relatively linear, the way they are connected to each other is not included. Your progress through the mines is mapped on a map, and here you can choose the next place you want to travel to. You can choose to go to the delves that take you deeper into the mine, as you gradually increase the difficulty and rarity of things, or you can play it (relatively) safely and travel horizontally to keep the challenge alike.

The mines are & # 39; Not just a series of caves, but the players will discover brand new biomes, such as lost underground cities, which have similar rewards. The map will mark these sights, so you aim to work as you push deeper into the mines. And of course, this is infinite, so players can move through the dungeon in every direction and will always find new areas to explore. Wilson says it will actually be the first time the competitive path for exile players will be able to measure their skill against each other since the mines act as a sort of leaderboard. Bragging rights will go to one who is furthest through the mines when the league finally ends later this fall.

League will also introduce socketable currency and crafts.

It's just the most important bits of things that come in Delve, too. League will also introduce socketable currency and craft items. The Path of Exile's crafting system is hopelessly complicated, so I do not care to get into the puzzling of this, but these design elements have sockets that you can fill with fossils that give a sense of determinism to it otherwise random design process. So, if you want to increase your chances of getting a lightning protector on a weapon, you can split a particular type of fossil into your creative element that increases the chance of having a lightning modifier. It's great because it will (hopefully) make the design feel a bit less scary to new players by giving them more deterministic methods while giving hardcore veterans the little extra edge when min-maxing their equipment. Then there is the usual addition of new and reworked skills and things to play with.

If you are a dedicated Path of Exile player, Delve is already a no-brainer. To me, like more of a casual who dies in and out throughout the year, Delve is a league I will definitely play. I love the excitement as its emphasis on light creates – that feeling of mystery does not know what wonders and dangers can trick a little further deeper into the mine.

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