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The Philips Hue app gets a design overhaul

Signify today announced the launch of a redesigned version of the Philips Hue app to control Hue lighting layouts. The fourth iteration of the Hue app was rebuilt from scratch to improve functionality and to improve communication with Hue bulbs, lamps and accessories.

hue app main screen
A reimagined Home tab provides access to every room in the home, allowing you to access your Hue lights by room with a touch. Drilling into a room shows available lights and scenes in an easy access to tiled views. Until now, changing tabs was required to set scenes, so this is a more streamlined way to control light in a room together or separately.

hue app room settings 3

The Home tab also houses the Hue Scene Gallery, a feature that existed before but is now easier to access. For those who have multiple bridges, there is now a switch to switch between them to access different lights in the home.

color picker 4

Routines have been eliminated in favor of Automations, accessible via the Automations tab. Automation supports more advanced actions than before, including multi-user geofencing. With this feature, if a Coming Home or Leaving Home automation is used, the Hue app will check if someone else is home before running the automation, so that the lights are not turned off when someone is still in the house.

hue app automations

Automation running at sunrise or sunset is enhanced with options to end a scene after a certain time or to activate one scene at a time before or after sunrise / sunset instead of right at sunrise / sunset.

Signify says that more than a hundred other small and large improvements have been added to streamline the design of the Hue app. The design of the Home tab, for example, makes it easier to configure your layout from multiple locations, and if you have an entertainment area set up, it’s easier to customize with a renewed isometric 2.5D view. Widgets and shortcuts continue to be available, as well as Hue Labs features to play with.

Later this year, Signify will further enhance the Hue app with dynamic scenes, which allow the lights in a particular room or zone to change to different colors in a scene, allowing for all new lighting effects.

The Hue app is available for free from the iOS App Store, and Hue Light can be purchased from the Hue website. Updating to the new app requires migration of settings and scenes, a process that should be hassle-free.

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