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The original Super Mario Bros. movie gets an expanded release of Cutting Fan

How bad it is ...via @TygerbugGarrett

Bad video game movies have always been one thing, but the one movie that overthrows them all is the live-action adaptation from 1993 Super Mario Bros. Bob Hoskins – the guy who played Mario, branded the film as a “nightmare” many years ago, but despite this, the film has managed to develop a cult feeling online.

With this in mind, a group of fans have now released an extended cut of the original film – which includes undiscovered deleted scenes. It is called “The Morton Jankel Cut”

; – named after the directors of husband and wife and increases the driving time from 104 minutes to 125 minutes.

Previously unseen deleted scenes include Mario Bros fighting for the (probably Mafia-connected) plumbing company, Koopa murdering a technician by developing him into slime, and Iggy and Spike rapping about King Koopa’s crash at Boom. Boom Bar. There’s more by Lena, Daniella and the Brooklyn Girls. Most of the scenes are expanded in this version, with much more of the cast, including Dennis Hopper as Koopa. “

As shown above, you can see the entire cut on the Internet Archive. The same version has been edited and restored by filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist. And while the team is still “exploring” their options beyond this release, it decided to release this edit early to celebrate the film’s anniversary and see what fans think of it.

Would you be interested in seeing an expanded cut of the Super Mario Bros. movie, or was the original version enough? Leave a comment below.

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