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The official secrets have been broken to improve ‘War Thunder’

Classified documents describing the specifications of the Challenger 2 Tank in The Order of War has been leaked online, and this has violated the official secrecy law, which is in force in over 40 countries.

This breach was not the result of international espionage, but rather an attempt by The Order of War forum user _Fear_Naught_ to improve the car’s accuracy in the game.

Alongside the pages of a Challenger 2 AESP (Army Equipment Support Publication, which is basically a tank user manual), _Fear_Naught_ took to the Official War Thunder Forum to explain that they leaked the document to prove that the developers Gaijin had not coded the vehicle properly.

A post on the War Thunder Forum that leaks details about the Challenger 2 tank
Credit: War Thunder Forum

“Basically, Gaijin will make you believe that the rotor that supports the weight of the gun cradle, recoil mechanism, seat, barrel, casing mount, coax mg, and TISH is not even supported by the uprights at all … It just seems to float,” they wrote.

The images were quickly removed from the forum, with a joint manager explaining “We make it very clear that we will not handle any source material unless it is publicly available and completely declassified with the rights to prove it.”

Another Mod later confirmed that they had “written confirmation from the Ministry of Defense that this document is still classified. By continuing to spread it, you are in violation of the law on official secrets, as stated in the warning on the front of the document, a crime that can result in up to 14 years in prison if prosecuted. ”

Some users were still hoping for an improvement in the game. “I hope that despite the sources being removed and rejected for legal purposes, the chapel will remain loose,” Spanish_Avenger posted. “After all, we now know for sure that there is something wrong with the game, and we now know, to a better degree, how it really should be.”

But these dreams have since been shattered through the Community Manager. “There is no valid source material that can be used, therefore no change will take place.”

In other news, the punk rock band The Offspring recently joined forces World of Tanks to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Let the bad times roll‘.

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