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The new Windows 10 icons look too much like macOS icons

Microsoft is changing even more Windows 10 icons as part of the latest Insider Preview Build 21

343. The company has it already redesigned the icons for its built-in apps and a few others, such as Windows Security, Narrator, and Notepad. And back inn 2018, Microsoft is giving the Office icons a complete overhaul. Even more changes came in 2020. (To be honest, I still haven’t gotten used to the changes in the Office icon, even though I accepted it.)

This last round of changes, which will eventually roll out to all Windows 10 computers, are as dramatic as the Office icon changes. But is it just me, or are Windows 10 icons starting to look more and more like macOS icons over time?

Let’s start with the icons for the drive and trash. Instead of a three-quarter view, both are now front-facing and look-alike similar to the same icons on macOS. Appendix A:

Notice how the green dot on the station icon has now changed places, from right to left. The drive icon on the macOS Big Sur and Catalina (the icon that appears when you insert a flash drive into the USB port) are also pre-facing, but it green dot is on the right side, this is where the dot is on the current Windows 10 drive icon. The new Windows drive icon has a smaller slope, but still looks more Mac-like.

The new Windows rcycle bin is also more Mac-like than before. It is also front-facing and slightly higher. MacOlympic rubbish The icon is circular, not rectangular, but it is also partially transparent with papers almost overflowing at the top. The paper is one a little more colorful than the Windows version, but still.

As if these macOS-like icons weren’t bad enough, Microsoft is completely redesigning the desktop folder icons, documents, downloads, photos, music, and videos. Appendix B:

Microsoft says they are redesigning these icons to create it “Easier to separate them in an instant.” I would argue that the current icons are already easy to distinguish, given that each icon already contains a music note, arrow, etc., but those pieces of the icons hang around an open manila folder instead of being built into the center as new icons in the image above. Do you know what else has icons like that? macOS.

They are not so colorful, as Apple chose to make all the folders a shade of blue. But they all have different icons in the center to distinguish one from the other. In particular, the new Pictures and Desktop Windows 10 icons are also different shades of blue, like macOS, but the rest of the new icons are more colorful – just like the colorful macOS icon bar on the desktop.

Especially for Big Sur, Apple wanted its icons for that look more consistent with those on iOS. Microsoft is trying to do the same with these new Windows 10 icons.

“Several changes, such as the orientation of the folder icons and default file type icons, have been made for greater consistency across Microsoft products that display files,” Microsoft said in its latest Windows Insider blog.

This is fine, but it seems to be related to a larger trend of simplifying icons as much as possible. If you compare, the icon changes from macOS Catalina to Big Sur, for example, you see noticeable changes in especially the calculator, calendar and email icons. (Not everyone was a fan of these, either.)

When we look back on when Microsoft began modifying several of the Windows 10 icons in 2020, it even said it wanted to maintain a consistent look across Android, iOS and macOS. Having icons that are more Mac-like definitely helps with that mission, even if it seems like it serves to create Windows 10 itself look more Mac-out instead of stand out. Maybe I just hate change, but these new icons are a no from me.

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