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The new Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy III updates with the 3D Remake brand will soon raise questions with E3 – TouchArcade

As anyone who has owned a premium mobile port of Square Enix on mobile knows, the company is very erratic with updates for most of its classic library. Some games are corrupted for several months, while others are thankfully updated soon when an iOS update is sent that breaks something. Over the years, Square Enix has brought a lot of classic Final Fantasy games for iOS and Android with mobile platforms that get them before consoles in some cases like Final Fantasy IX. The latest release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is something many had been waiting to own on mobile for a while considering that it was the only one missing Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy IV ($ 1

4.99) is one of my favorite JRPGs of all time, and I’ve always been hoping that my favorite version of the game (2D) will be transferred to modern platforms. After a surprising update last year, Square Enix pushed out updates for both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy III on iOS and Android today with a little interesting change. Both games now have the icon and the name indicates that they are a ‘3D Remake’. This has a few possible implications, but doing this so close to E3 makes me wonder about the different possibilities.

For mobile platforms, this may mean that the 2D versions of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy III is released with the 2D version of the latter without having seen an official English release. It is also possible this has to do with a collection of some kind for other platforms. PS4 and Nintendo Switch have nothing of pre Final Fantasy VII play yet while Steam has all those that block I and II with III to VI similar to the mobile versions. I know a lot of people have been hoping Square Enix will eventually bring I and II to Steam so all the games can be on a PC store and platform. If this means that more platforms are getting older Final Fantasy releases with some modern conveniences or even straight ports with minimum feature set and emulation, I hope we get a physical release. I will not give the opportunity to buy Final Fantasy IV several times and I know I’m part of the problem there. Hopefully Square Enix will reveal something at the E3 show on June 13 that I’m more interested in now with these surprise updates.

If you want to understand what makes each version different, Shaun has you covered by the story of Final Fantasy IV in our RPG Reload article about it. Be sure to read our review of the iOS version as well. check out Final Fantasy IV on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. To Final Fantasy III, I have never really cared about the 3D version, so we hope to get a modern localized version of the 2D version on mobile and console. If you have played both Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV, where do you rank them among JRPGs and compared to others? Final Fantasy game?

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