Asus, people know that it’s a good thing to help customers differentiate between your products, right? For example, the 15-inch Chromebook Flip CX5 is also called the CX5500, or Chromebook C536, depending on your market. Now there’s a new version, the CX5400 … which Asus is also refers to as CX5. This despite the fact that these are very different designs: 4 in the name indicates that this is a 1

4-inch convertible Chromebook, which is not so useful if you google “Asus CX5.”

Chromebook Flip CX5-CX5400 (just rolls your tongue, right?) Uses a 14-inch 1080p LED display with touch input and pointing support; the pen is stored in a dedicated bay. Under the cover, there is a surprisingly robust 11th-generation Core i7 processor that brings with it the impressive Xe-integrated graphics system (slower and cheaper options may be available at some point). Buyers will be able to choose between 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB of storage, with a similar choice between 8 and 16 GB of RAM. It includes the usual bells and whistles, plus Wi-Fi 6.

The ports include two USB-C / Thunderbolt 4s for data, power and video, plus a standard USB-A for older accessories, a MicroSD card slot and a headphone jack. The 720p webcam is not great, but it comes with a hardware privacy shutter. The most appealing thing about the Cx5400, at least to my eyes, is the chassis. The construction of all metal has a faint blue sheen that is smooth as hell, although the form factor is something we have seen before. Asus does not say what the metal is, but since the machine weighs only 1.4 kg (slightly less than 3.1 pounds), it is almost certainly a kind of aluminum alloy.

According to the official Asus store front, the Core i7 / 512GB / 16GB version of the Chromebook CX5-5400 (again, the 14-inch version, which is different from the other CX5) will cost $ 1050 when it is released “soon”. Hopefully some of the other versions will come with a little less sticker shock.