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The most anticipated video games of 2021

2020 was a tumultuous year for games – well, it was a tumultuous year for everything, but in the case of the game, at least it was not so bad. We got four new consoles from two of the big companies, and we got a number of fantastic games.

However, several of the games we thought we would get were delayed until 2021. And while it sucked for us this year, it means we are entering 2021 with more games to look forward to. Here is a list of the games we are most looking forward to in the coming year.

Note that I only include games that have at least some vague release window in 2021

. I had to omit such Far Cry 6 because it is delayed and does not have a new release window. I know they may still be delayed (or delayed again, in case any of these), but I am hopeful that we will see at least a few of these by next year. And in case anyone is wondering where god of war the sequel is, i belay it until it stops spinning around and gets a proper title.

Halo Infinite

First up in the list of “games we should have had already, damn you 2020” is Halo Infinite, the next adventure of the armored master. 343 Industries has been a bit reticent about the exact details of his next adventure, but the previews so far mean that Chief will fight The Banished, a pact splinter group that has taken over a damaged Halo ring.

I’m looking forward to this not just because I want to play as Master Chief again (although that grip hook certainly looks sick), but because I’m eager to play a game that can test the Xbox Series X hardware properly. Had things gone according to plan, that’s the role Infinite would probably have served in the launch lineup, but as it is, the track was pretty empty.

Resident Evil Village

Like clockwork, the Resident Evil series just keeps ticking. While the last two years have given us new recordings of RE2 (which was excellent) and RE3 (which was ok), the series’ 25th anniversary is the new game Village. Unlike previous installments, this one gives us a touch of the supernatural, as the RE7 protagonist Ethan seems to be trapped in the titular village with what can only be described as “zombie werewolf stuff.”

RE7 broke with the series tradition for the vast majority of the run by focusing on brand new characters, instead of the pin heroes of Redfield-Kennedy-Valentine, etc. Sure, the original hero Chris Redfield played a role in one of the game’s DLCs, but he was not the star of the show. Now, however, teasers of Village suggest that good ol ‘Chris may actually be criminal, thug in this excursion, and it’s a turning point I’m curious to see.

Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Another in the list of games that was delayed until 2021, the sequel to the cult classic Bloodlines has not had the simplest production. But in the end, we reported that we’ll finally get it sometime in 2021. From the looks of it, it aims to offer the complete role-playing experience the first game is offered, plus a few things the original development team had to leave out.

The pre-release material seems to suggest that the main character needs to work his way up from the bottom of the Kindred community in Seattle, and you will be able to choose which of the many dark factions you want to support. It’s a bit disappointing that some of the titular bloodlines – namely Nosferatu and Gangrel – will not get into the release version of the game, although rumor has it that they will be added later as DLC.

Hitman 3

The next installment in Agent 47’s worldwide killing game will be one of 2021’s first offerings, to be released on January 20th. Not only will it be one of the first games in the series in a very long time to arrive on a Nintendo console (switch), but it will also be fully playable in VR, PSVR specifically.

This would be the conclusion of the reboot trilogy started by the 2016s Assassin, and it looks like the same kind of sneaky, hidden murder henanigans that the series is known for. While the first game (the 2016 game, I mean) was released in episodic format, Hitman 3 has fortunately thrown that pretension.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter World was such an overwhelming success, it’s no surprise to see the series return. Unlike its predecessor, this will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and will be launched on March 26. This game’s art design seems to follow a more Asian aesthetic than previous games in the series.

The title “Rise” is based on the game’s vertical plan design, which you can cross via a grip system in the game. As World, it will have a seamless open world instead of separate levels. And I would agree with the fiance’s opinion that the most interesting part of the new game is something we’ve wanted for a while: assembles!

Brave standard 2

I’m throwing this in because I’m incredibly fond of it Brave standard series and I have been waiting for another. The last Brave standard The game was unveiled last year and will be released on February 26.

The name of this game is a bit confusing: we’ve already had a direct sequel to Bravely Default, called Bravely Second: End Layer. What more, Brave standard II seems to follow brand new characters, so I’m more than a little confused. But it will be fun to dive back into this amazing JRPG again.

Horizon Forbidden West

Did I call it or did I call it? The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most important titles revealed for the PlayStation 5, and although it is not a launch title (technical conditions), it marks the return of red-haired archer Aloy. The word is that her next adventure, Prohibited vest, will take place in post-apocalyptic California.

We have not seen anything of the game other than a pre-given trailer, but if there is anything to go by, we will see a selection of slightly more exotic locations than what we got in Zero Dawn. It definitely seems designed to take full advantage of the PS5 hardware, and it will be nice to have a game that shows what the console is capable of.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

When we talk about games that were meant to test the limits of PlayStation 5, the game show to Rift apart, which showed the titular duo twisting between several different realities, seems like it will do just that. Rumor has it that the female Lombax shown in the trailer will be able to be played with Ratchet.

We will probably get this game earlier in the year than Prohibited vest. The game looks like it will rest on the dimensional jump mechanic, with Ratchet being able to take a rip and jump between realities with them. It is hoped, with the PS5’s SSD, the game will be able to switch between them without loading time.

Hogwarts: Arv

Considered to Harry Potter author JK Rowling is not good, to say the least – so I do not want to blame anyone who does not want to play the new game set in her literary universe on the principle. But if you are a lifelong HP fan and just want to enjoy more time at Hogwarts, then the upcoming Hogwarts: Arv looks like it will scratch that itch and so little.

This game marks one of the first serious attempts from a game to portray Wizarding World outside of Potter’s time. It looks like a full-fledged RPG, with Hogwarts houses as the starting course. You get the whole wizard school experience, learning spells, making potions and exploring the whole castle. That’s basically all we hope witches and wizards have wanted since the books came out.

The medium

The medium looks like one of the most promising horror games of 2021. This psychological torture adventure takes place in Poland, and is set to start on January 28th. RE Village does not surprise the launch in the next few weeks, it means that it will fill the horror track in January filled in recent years Resident Evil game.

The point of the titular protagonist is that she can travel between the human and spirit worlds at will, and can use her ability to solve puzzles and find out the truth about what happened at the abandoned hotel she is stuck in. Evil evil called The Maw – everything is very Silent Hill, and it’s never a bad thing.

These and many more games will praise our PCs and consoles when the new year hits. Happy game to you all!

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Published December 29, 2020 – 09:00 UTC

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