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The Morning After: WhatsApp can finally launch an iPad app

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption requirements require a “main unit”, which seemed to stop the seamless messaging you get with Apple’s messaging app and other third-party options. In July, WhatsApp said it was working on next-generation encryption that would enable real-time connection to multiple devices without the need to connect to a smartphone. Part of that may include a dedicated tablet app, according to tweets from WABetaInfo, an account that often reveals incoming WhatsApp features in advance.

The WhatsApp app is seen on a smartphone in this illustration taken July 13, 2021. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration

Dado Ruvic / Reuters

The update will apparently be part of a multi-device beta, with both iPads and Android tablets that can be used as “connected devices” to a WhatsApp account, with a built-in app in tow.

I am a WhatsApp user. Apple’s iOS messages never caught my attention, and let’s just ignore Android accordingly. I know I should also use the more secure, smaller ‘Facebook’ Telegram app, but I always come back to WhatsApp, probably because it took so long to lure my family and international friends from SMS and email years earlier.

Along with the web app, which means I can use WhatsApp from my laptop (sorry, boss), it’s to keep WhatsApp seamless throughout my life. And makes it harder to leave the Facebook-owned messaging app, even if I want to.

-Mat Smith

And how to install one.

PlayStation 5 SSD slot

Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

If you’re eager to expand your PS5’s storage space, you’ll need access to the early beta – easy enough to do – and the confidence to open up the new console and install a fast SSD yourself.

Fortunately for you (and me), CEO Aaron Souppouris, who knows a little too much about hard drives, has done research and even installed a new SSD and shared the process with the rest of us.

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What do you have, Game Gear?

New Atari Lynx games

James Trew / Engadget

If you’re a retro player, it’s hard not to ignore the Atari Lynx. Although it was the first colored handheld console, the small library of games (under 100 official titles) and general malpractice of Atari itself served little more than a role in game history. A few dedicated people still hold light for it, but new titles are now more common than ten years ago. Here are four new games you can play on original hardware, complete with cassette and box.

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These tools can actually make you want to hit the books.

It’s time to upgrade your study home layout so you do not crush essays from a corner of the couch and give yourself neck pain. Yep, we have several ergonomic posture savers along with decent wireless keyboards, mice and more.

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Pixel 6 should be here soon.

Google Pixel 5

Chris Velazco / Engadget

Google just released the excellent and relatively affordable Pixel 5a, and the company has taken the opportunity to clean the house and emptied the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G from the online store. In Google’s store in the US, both phones are currently sold out, which means that the only Pixel phones available now are the Pixel 5a (which will not arrive until August 26) and the Pixel 4a, which does not have 5G.

Google announced Pixel 5 on September 30 last year, so it seems likely that we will get an official release date (and price) for Pixel 6 sometime next month.

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It can run on the same “M1X” processor that is rumored to come to the MacBook Pro.

A redesigned Mac mini with an “M1X” chip may arrive in the “next few months.” The M1X has not been announced, but it has been the acronym for the past year or so for a chip that can outperform the M1 that Apple currently offers. This timeline comes from the trusted Mark Gurman on Bloomberg.

Apple is also expected to redesign the Mac mini and add more ports to the small desktop computer. This Mac mini may be more focused on power users and will probably also cost more than the current models Apple offers. The company can keep the M1 model as a more basic and affordable alternative.

In addition to the Mac mini, Apple is also expected to introduce redesigned MacBook Pro models this fall.

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