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The Morning After: Razer’s high-tech face mask concept comes into production

I did not think it would go beyond shiny renderings and CES headlines, but Razer’s RGB light-infused face mask is looking for cyber ninjas very excited, and the company has responded by making the case.

The morning after


Earlier this week, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan told Yahoo Finance that the electronics maker plans to produce its Project Hazel mask concept. In addition to the RGB blend, it has a built-in microphone and speaker that can amplify your voice when you speak, with bacterial filtering efficiency hoops that can capture 95 percent of airborne particles, making it comparable to an N95 mask.

Tan did not say when the mask will come into production, but he explained that many will still want to mask themselves after the vaccination. There are also countries and regions where it may not be able to vaccinate the entire population within the next year or two. The CEO added: “Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We are going to make it happen, and I think we will unfortunately wear masks for a long time to come.”


-Mat Smith

What more can online communities create?

The morning after

Warner Bros.

Devoted followers of Zack Snyder, the director behind Man of steel and Batman vs. Superman, has clustered to see his version of Justice League 2017. It was meant to be as important to comic book fans as Marvel’s Avengers. But when Snyder announced that he would leave the film in the middle of production to take care of his family, Joss Whedon, who directed the Avengers films, was brought on board to complete the project. The theatrical version of Justice League, a mashed-up film from two very different artists, flopped with both critics and fans.

Fans got what they wanted / deserved: a four-hour review meant capturing Snyder’s full vision. Continue reading.

The company’s best phone to date is a true flagship.

OnePlus 9 Pro Review


OnePlus’ new phone is without a doubt a top phone with a price to match. The company has nailed everything you require in a smartphone at this price, and offers (finally!) An alternative beyond Samsung or Apple – or Google if you are hardcore. According to mobile editor Chris Velazco, this is the best device OnePlus has ever made. If you’ve been thinking of splurging on a new smartphone, the 9 Pro deserves your consideration. Oh, and the company also has a smartwatch coming in. Continue reading.

There are three new models.

Dyson v15 Discover


Dyson is very aware that we have all spent more time indoors, and much more time in our own homes. At the (rather outrageous) microscopic level, this means that we all throw more skin cells and hair on floors, carpets and rugs. Dyson’s new stick vacuum models, in different sizes and prices, claim to offer a level of pure you can demonstrably see – and some use lasers to do so.

The Dyson V15 Detect, the $ 699 display model for the company’s technical upgrades, includes a green laser diode that shoots a ‘blade’ of green light, which is apparently the best color to be detected by the human eye.

The green laser on the V15’s cleaner head has a 1.5-degree angle, which follows 7.2 mm from the ground. This specific distance helps to create “the best contrast between dust and floor” according to the company’s spokesperson. It should also make vacuuming wooden floors a little more exciting, through the silly, inexplicable appeal of laser beams. Continue reading.

The Metl tires are scheduled for release early next year.



NASA has been channeling its advanced technology into everyday products for decades. Now the tire technology has spun off to a startup called Smart, which uses the SMA tire technology airless shape memory – originally built for lunar and Mars rovers – for an airless bicycle tire.

Composed of interconnected springs that do not require inflation, the super-elastic tires, Smart claims, are built like titanium to withstand rugged terrain without going flat. The orbit is a puncture-free trip, and if it’s good enough for Mars, it’s probably good enough for that Sunday trip. Continue reading.

Increasing the supply and providing jobs will be good – if it can carry out the new strategy.

What’s so important about Intel’s amazing news? Aaron Souppouris explains why the chipmaker’s new “path to parity” and plans to make chips for others, can balance things in computing. He also outlines why previously unsuccessful efforts give reason to be skeptical. It will all work as promised. Continue reading.

Time to calibrate.

It does not matter if you own one of LG’s new CX TVs, Sony’s Master Series or even an older or used OLED. The screen will still look far better than most LCD sets, with unsurpassed black level and eye-catching contrast. But even if you have one of the best monitors around, there are always a few upgrades you can still do. Read on for advice from Devindra Hardawar on what you can add to get the most out of your high-end 4K TV. Continue reading.

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