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The High School CSGO team gets a bet on Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Winter

  High School CSGO team gets prospark at Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Winter

Contrast Attack: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege has some quite robust esport scenes that have grown exponentially in recent years. You may not think that there is a lot of crossover, but a Norwegian folk school CSGO team is about to see if they can resist such as pro teams like G2 Esports and Team Liquid in Siege Siege ] at DreamHack Winter.

Reddit user Emil Berglund recently explained in a thread on Rainbow6 Subreddit how his team landed [Sixth Avenue] Rainbow Six Siege the scene at DreamHack Winter by mistake. "I guess I'm a pro now" headlines that wild story. According to Emil, he and his friends study esports at a Norwegian primary school. As part of a CSGO team with friends, Berglund and friends were invited to participate in the DreamHack Winter 2018 tournament, but were allowed to do further activity. That's when they decided to try the hand at the Siege tournament for fun.

  Rainbow Six Siege Counter Strike DreamHack

Can thousands of hours in CSGO translate into competitive games in Rainbow Six Siege? Emil Berglund and the rest of Minigolfgutta are in the process of finding out.

As it turned out, there were few enough team records that a decision was made by DreamHack employees to skip Qualifications for the Rainbow Six: Siege tournament. This means that Emil and his teammates will advance to the main stage to compete in front of DreamHack fans against big teams. Their team, Minigolfgutta, is actually quite excited to see what they can do. In a late editing to the original post Berglund asks fans to "include characters that say" Minigolfgutta "so we can see how many fans we can get in two days."

The minigolf guutta squad has tons of experience with CSGO which has logged 2000+ hours a piece according to comments offered to PCGamesN, but has little experience with Siege . According to the Reddit record, only one player on the team owns the game. Nevertheless, they will be in a tournament pool starting November 30, 2018 and shoot for $ 50,000 according to the DreamHack Winter Rainbow Six Siege tournament page.

Can they get a piece of premium? Either way, getting to the arches with similar professionals like ENCE, G2 and Liquid can be an experience in itself for any competitive game fan.

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