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The Haunted PS1 demo is back with 25 more games

The haunted PS1 demo disc is neither a real disc nor a collection of actual PS1 games, but it will surely make you feel like you are sitting in front of an old CRT on a stormy night in the 90’s. This is the second demo disc collection presented by Haunted PS1, this time with as many as 25 games included. The plate falls Today tomorrow (as announced moments after I hit publish) in the form of a launch vehicle, you can download to access the entire horror quarter.

Once again, there are some seriously scary games on offer. Chasing Static at the top there, whose demo is also on Steam, is an adventure in rural Wales. It has some solid voice acting that matches the lo-fi graphics while using your anomaly detector to hunt down the mystery of the missing villagers in Hearth.

The record is practically a selection package, with all sorts of different ghosts. Ghastly Goodies (on Itch), for example, looks a little sweeter than scary with their little candy-collecting kiddos in costumes. Risu (on Steam) is a horror game where you can solve puzzles while hiding from monsters. It definitely gives early Resident Evil vibes. Golly it even has a cell phone from the time. Takes me back. Then there is Lorn̵

7;s Lure (on Steam) with its disturbing first-person platform.

This year’s trailer is not out yet, but here’s last year’s to give you an idea of ​​what kind of thing you have in store.

Despite the title, Haunted PS1’s creators say you can expect games in the demo collection to push the definition a bit. “HPS1 is a society where we try to accept all low-fi and retro art directions,” they say. “As such, each game does not have to be 3D or have the special visual peculiarities of a particular hardware. Similarly, we do not require the games to have a strict horror theme, instead they can be atmospheric, have a slight nervous twist or even just feel it so we can not resist loving them and wanting them in the collection. ”

The demo disk has been pushed until tomorrow, March 25. When it starts, you can find it here on Itch. In the meantime, you can still try the demo album for 2020 which also swelled.

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