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The Hater Review of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of my absolute favorite games in this decade. If ever an achievement could be happening, this game represents this achievement. I made a 40 minute video highlighted every little thing wrong with it.

Maybe it's in your best interest to hate this game. Perhaps you expect it as a Christmas present and you want to cool your hype. Or maybe you just hate cowboys because they are always dusty and you can not stand to look at it like dust. Whatever the reason for your disgust, I have, as they say, "got" you with this video.

Many of the points I present to you in this review are jokes. Many of them are not jokes. Many of the jokes contain sincerity. Much of sincerity contains humorous fluctuations. I can not tell you what is which and what is there. You must feel it yourself. Such is the character of a hater review.

Here's a taste: Red Dead Redemption 2 The horse's virtual scrotums are shrunk in cold weather and expanded in warm weather. It's realistic. You can hunt, kill and shine something like 500 different animal species. This is also realistic. Why do not you skinhair, though? Why can not Arthur Morgan eat horse meat? You tell me that this is a game about desperate, law-abused criminals who regularly hate their oppressors with hails, but they are too squeamish to eat a horse? I do not buy it.

If you would like to click, expect to learn lessons about shaving tool history, glass blowing for centuries, Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism.

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