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The Halo Infinite campaign was a Gamescom-no-show, here’s why

Halo InfiniteThe creative director on Thursday tried to reassure fans who were disappointed that Wednesday’s Gamescom: Opening Night Live presentation did not show any of the promotions in the game, and is concerned that the absence means something is wrong.

That is not the case, wrote Joseph Staten of 343 Industries. “I have played Infinitecampaign several times, ”he said. “But every time I do, I always find something new, hidden on Zeta Halo. … No matter how many times I play, Halo Infinite remains basically super fun to play ̵

1; and we are very eager to share all the fun with you through captured games, trailers and other content when we get this plane safely on the ground. ”

The state said the campaign was not shown because 343 developers are working hard in “shutdown mode”, which means mission-critical tasks related to completing a functional game. “For a campaign, this means that you have to make the greatest possible effort to ensure that the wide-open experience you want to play on December 8 is as great as it can be,” said the State. “And game demos and trailers not only require a lot of effort to do well, they also take cycles away from mistakes and other shutdown tasks.”

Halo Infinite instead got a multiplayer trailer on Opening Night Live, revealing a new character who will be joining during the first multiplayer season, starting after its launch on December 8th. 343 Industries has emphasized this Halo Infinitethe campaign and the multiplayer (which will also be free to play) are launched together, while the collaborative campaign and Forge map mode will have to wait for a later update.

“I hope you all enjoy the fact that I honestly can not wait to come home, fire up the building and press ‘Continue’ on the campaign,” the State told fans. “But for now, there is focus time in the cockpit when we hold on to the landing.”

343 Industries finally announced Halo Infinitelaunch date Wednesday. The sixth main chapter of the Halo saga was announced in the summer of 2018 and was originally expected to launch with the Xbox Series X in November last year. But delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (and a trailer that did not go so well) helped push the game out of that launch window and into 2021.

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