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The Google Podcasts web app now syncs queue and listening progress across devices

After breaking 50 million installations on Android and adding several new features in recent months, Google Podcasts is becoming quite the challenger to my original favorite app for listening – Pocket Casts. Now that Google has plunged into the fantastic future of progressive web applications, it’s trying to keep the Podcasts web app up to date with its Android and iOS counterparts by synchronizing your listening progress and queue across devices online!

If you visit the site, you will notice that the previously absent ‘queue’ button in the sidebar on the left now appears, and when you click on it, you will be presented with all the applications you have stored on it on mobile. Furthermore, by clicking “Play”

; on any podcast you previously listened to while on the go or in the car, you will be taken to the exact moment you paused it or stopped listening before.


Prior to this update, your queue would be completely empty on the web app or contain separately stored programs and restart from the beginning of an episode unless you stopped listening to it where you last fired it. Similarly, any application you add to your online queue will now appear in the app on your phone or tablet.

In essence, what were once completely separate experiences – the app and the web app – are now almost completely unified, and that is fantastic. The only exception that Android Police found was that drag and drop to change the driving order of an episode on the app is not yet present on the site.


My hope is that the new subscription grid that was recently added to the Android app will appear on PWA before long. It’s just something about how visually stimulating it is and not having it on larger screens instead of a text or title-based approach first, is just frustrating.

Let me know in the comments if you have a preference and if you already see the new queuing feature online or not! Because PWA is not locally packaged, server-side updates should be rolled out almost immediately, so I guess you’re already listening to the latest content in line.

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