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The Google Play store names the best programs in 2018

By the end of 2018, we are approaching, we are bound to see lots of "Best of" lists in the coming weeks. One of the first comes from the Google Play store today, which promotes what it considers to be the best apps of the year. Apart from the best app in 2018, the categories this year vary from "Most Entertaining" to "Hidden Gems", with some fan-tuned apps as well.

Many of these categories have more features, but the big prize – Best App of 2018 – has only one. The app is Drops, which claims to help people learn a variety of languages ​​through illustrations and micro games. Google must be quite impressed with what Drops has to offer if it's going to pick it out of the apparently endless list of programs that launched this year.

There are five apps that made the cut for "Most Entertaining": VIMAGE, No.Draw, Neverthink, TikTok and Scout FM. "Best hidden gems", however, are packed with some pretty exciting apps, such as Slowly, that suit you with digital pencils and consider the real world distance when you deliver your notes, and Luci, an app that lets you track your clear dreams .

Then we have Google Play's "Best Self Improvement Apps for 201

8", which includes the above Drops along with other apps like Keep Trainer, 10% Happier, Mimo: Learn to Code and MasterClass. The final category for Google's picks is "Best Daily Helpers in 2018". – The five apps highlighted for that award include BuzzFeed's Tasty, Sift, Canva, Notion, and Otter Voice Notes.

The fans' favorite bets of 2018 are enough to win & # 39; t keep a lot of surprises for most people – the fan favorite show for 2018 is YouTube TV, while Google Play users have named PUBG as the best game of the year and Avengers: Infinity War as the one best movie. To check out all of the winners of the year, go to the price of the Google Play store, where you can also download some of the selected apps.

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