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The Google Home Hub is pretty, but I do not want one in my kitchen yet

The Google Home Hub offers a lot of promise when it comes to using Google Assistant in a new way – but I'm still not sold to have one in my kitchen.

When Google announced Home Hub on stage I on the harsh hours on Wednesday morning, the lack of camera on board was explained and said that they wanted people to put Hub in every room in your home, with reference to privacy. But they simply failed to address rooms like the kitchen (and the bathroom for that matter), because of quite a simple reason: there is no IP rating.

My kitchen is not a dirty place. In fact, it's one of the cleanest in the house, it's the hub of the home where we spend a lot of time, but when you cook, it's raw.

Google has made a lot of noise about their home theater and Other Smart Displays shows step-by-step cooking demos, and people ask Google Assistant "How many grams in a cup?" which looks amazing for someone like me who loves to cook. But I just know I want to touch it.

The home button comes with an anti-stain, 7-inch oleophobic coating that repels oils and is fingerprints resistant and the fabric is hydrophobic to wipe it clean. But even that is still not enough to satisfy me.

Likewise, Lenovo Smart Display (in both sizes) and LG WK9 makes no mention of IP ratings, or even splash protection. Only JBL Link View comes close to satisfying my need for some kind of protection that offers an IPX4 spray-proof assessment that in theory will protect against water spray.

I want something like a Smart Display or Home Hub in the kitchen for many years. Samsung's family hub refrigerator with built-in display is almost the closest to where I want to be ̵

1; but there are many options I want and, frankly, I do not need a new refrigerator.

In short, I see a lot of promise from Smart Displays, and I definitely want a home theater to play with, but it's going to be on a shelf in the living room rather than on my kitchen counter.

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