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The Good Life delayed falling, relocates to Playism

The good life

The good life launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam this fall – a delay from the previously planned summer release window – and publishing will be taken over by Playism from The Irregular Corporation, Playism announced. It costs $ 29.99.

Here is an overview of the game, via Playism:

Welcome to Rainy Woods

Journalist Naomi Hayward is drowning in debt and is at the end of the line. After accepting a request from The Morning Bell newspaper to “uncover the mystery of a small English town”, Naomi is far from her home in New York, in Rainy Woods – known as “the happiest place in the world” …

Discover the truth behind a multitude of mysteries and even a murder in a happy little town

When Naomi – the camera in hand – began the investigation, she soon realized that the city and its eccentric inhabitants hide all sorts of secrets.

She discovers an inexplicable phenomenon where townspeople turn into cats and dogs when night falls… So, just as she looks at the special mystery, a murder happens.

Discover the truth about Rainy Woods – the small, boring town that Naomi describes as “Hell on Earth.”

Solve mysteries like a human, a cat or a dog!

Naomi herself is eventually able to transform into a cat or dog. Turn into a cat, and have the opportunity to jump and climb all over the city to explore; or turn into a dog, and use your acute sense of smell to track down the city’s inhabitants.

Use your respective abilities as a human, cat and dog with care to more easily solve the various mysteries and events you will encounter.

The good life

The good life

Take pictures to repay your debt

The total amount Naomi owes is … well, that’s pretty bad. As a journalist, she is able to make money by taking pictures of Rainy Woods at the request of The Morning Bell and the city’s residents.

Also, if she manages to take pictures of what is happening on social media “Flamingo” and increase the number of followers, she may be able to earn enough money to make life in this small town so much easier.

The good life

The good life

Enjoy life in a small town

In Rainy Woods, as long as you have the money, a free and easy life is yours to enjoy.

Grow vegetables in your garden, refine your culinary skills, explore the plains, share a drink with your locals at the local pub …
Stay fed, sleep a lot, stay nice and clean, and enjoy everyday life in Rainy Woods.

The good life

The good life

Explore the huge and sprawling city of Rainy Woods

Rainy Woods is full of different places, as well as a number of events just waiting to happen. Explore the areas around the city to unlock shrines and campsites, expand your mobility field and enjoy the comfortably open world. Getting on a sheep and riding around the hills is just so much fun!

The good life

The good life

Watch a new trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

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