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The Gathering is a real thing that is going to happen next year

Get ready to drop some cards at the start

Street Fighters’ long list of crossovers and guest appearances feels almost endless at this point, but I’m not sure anyone would have seen this last one coming.

Wizards of the Coast announced the surprising announcement during the Magic Showcase 2021

event that the Street Fighter world will join Magic: The Gathering to celebrate the important fighting game series’ 35th anniversary.

The World Warriors will be featured in a Secret Lair drop collection, which essentially means that pre-existing Magic cards will be reprinted with new Street Fighter-related artwork.

Chun-Li is the only character so far confirmed for the set on a card with the Multikicker mechanic, and it certainly seems quite appropriate.

It is not known how many cards will be included in the Street Fighter set, but Secret Lair drops usually contain three to five cards in total.

In terms of how they will be priced, Secret Lair drops usually cost $ 30 USD for sets without foil, while the shinier foil cards will cost you $ 40.

Fortnite was also announced to receive its own Secret Lair set also during the presentation, which puts the two properties up there with previous Magic crossovers such as Godzilla and The Walking Dead.

Wizards of the Coast has not announced a specific release date for the Street Fighter Secret Lair box yet, except to say that it will be available at some point in 2022.

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