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The GameStop PS5 stock comes alive every minute now

There are reports that suggest that GameStop will get a new PS5 share sometime today, April 2. And it can be faster than you think.

It looks like GameStop will be the first retailer to launch a PS5 in April, with a limited range of consoles coming to life anytime soon. If you are still looking for the next generation console now almost 5 months after launch, this may be your next chance to secure one.

Although some stock warnings have stated that GameStop is already live, it appears that the retailer is not quite ready to go yet. Either that, or the PS5 stock is released in waves.

PS5 sales
(Source: Sony)

Be sure to check out our PS5 stock trackers below for updated information on exactly when the GameStop decline will be active:

UPDATE: GameStop is now live!

GameStop April 2 PS5 Restock

It seems that GameStop has some new PS5 bundles available, and stock is expected to start today, April 2.

This is GameStop’s first PS5 share update in a while, but we do not expect it to be big. Unfortunately, it seems that stock followers are reporting extremely limited PS5 levels this time around.

However, those who do not want to wait for Walmart’s long PS5 delivery times, might try their luck on the GameStop anyway. After all, it will be increasingly easier to get hold of a next generation console, as we move into 2021.

gamestop ps5 recovery april
(Source: GameStop)

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Right now, scalpers are lowering their prices as the stock continues to trickle out of Sony. And reports suggest that PS Direct is actually the easiest place to get a PS5 reload right now.

Meanwhile, this PS5 dealer sits on over 46,000 consoles as it prepares for possibly the greatest recovery of all time.

(Source: GameStop)

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