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The first 2021 BMW M3 competition has already been ruined

The launch of the M3 and M4 was different from anything we have seen from BMW. Within a few days, YouTube was filled with every conceivable content, and about a week later, people bought it. We now have what we believe is the first crash.

BMW crash is a kind of tradition, especially when you talk about rear-wheel drive M models. It used to happen with the M5, and was also quite common during the E90 and F80 eras (the last two M3 models). But now we have the first 2021 model to be destroyed.

We found the video on a Russian site and it is tagged to a person from Croatia. In any case, this looks like something Russian mechanic Arthur Tussik could fix. We want to make jokes about careless drivers destroying an expensive car, but BMW probably expected this to happen during the launch of the most powerful M3 ever.

The last generation sports sedan was quite snappy, especially in the beginning. Turbo boost would suddenly build up and you would have a wild machine that would try to push you into the nearest tree. From what we collect, the brand new 2021

BMW M3 is not like that, as the handling is a little more predictable.

But it is a system that gives you points for how good your operations are. It is addictive and there is no way to stop people from using it on the road. Thus, we expect many more crashes like this, perhaps even more serious.

As for the damage, it’s not terrible. Based on scratches all over his body, the M3 went off the road, smashed the bumper, the hood and got scratches down the sides. At least one of the wheels has disintegrated, but the airbags were somehow not deployed. The damage is quite cosmetic, and that is not to say that it will be cheap to fix. Some are likely to lose BMW test privileges over this.

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