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The “expansion” provides a realistic depiction of space colonization

A series of novels that have been turned into a TV show provides one of the most realistic visions of how the colonization of space can actually be.

Why you should read and see: “Expansion” envisions a future in which humans have moved into space without growing much beyond the often unjust political and economic systems of today.

How it works: In the 24th century, when humanity has managed to colonize Mars and part of the asteroid belt, “The Expanse” sees space not as the last frontier, but as just the backdrop for ancient geopolitical battles – albeit without “geo”. “

  • Humans have left Earth less than the spirit of discovery than because their planet had become hot and crowded, with the only chance for progress in the hostile environment in space.

Context: “Expansion”

; is an example of “hard sci-fi”, which means that it largely operates under the limitations of science as we know it.

  • So it means no distortion, no carriers and absolutely no strength.
  • What definitely exists is gravity, which acts almost like a supporting character on “The Expanse”, a factor that must always be taken into account.
  • Humans that grow up in light gravity on Mars or the asteroid belt can not really function on Earth, which contributes to political divisions.

Analog for “Star Trek” fans: 1990 series “Deep Space Nine.”

  • But if “Deep Space Nine” was rough at times, “The Expanse” is a true Beijing-style gravel sandstorm, with brutal exploitation of workers, planetary warfare and very nasty aliens.

Yes but: Still fun!

  • Plus Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is such a fan that he allegedly helped save the show from cancellation by moving it to Amazon Prime in 2019.
  • It’s a bit strange, given that Bezos is one of the foremost advocates of space settlement, which “The Expanse” largely portrays as a terrible mistake.

Bottom line: Read the books and watch the show.

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