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The day of YouTube annotations will soon be over

  YouTube app icon.

  • Google clearly announced that it would remove YouTube annotations from January 15, 2019.
  • Google has already expired the annotation editor in May 2017.

If you have videos on YouTube that use comments, you may want to sit up and be aware. Google clearly announced that it would stop showing existing video ads from January 15, 2019.

The announcement was so quiet that it came as an update to a previous statement that Google discontinued the annotation editor from May 2nd, 2017. Nevertheless, YouTube users are Still more than welcome to use short and final screens, which are much better suited to different monitors and are much less intrusive compared to annotations.

We doubt that many people will throw tears once January 15, 2019, arriving. Introduced in 2008, annotations were quickly retrieved as ways to highlight related videos, direct people to online stores, correct videos and everything in between.

The problem was that some videos would contain a ridiculous number of notices and create visual root as a result. Nor did the use of annotations fall 70 percent when Google decided to cancel the annotation editor.

To replace annotations, Google launched two YouTube interfaces in 2016: short and final screenshots. Short appears as a small popup in the top corner, while the end screens appear at the end of videos to mark a YouTube user's channel and any links they want to highlight.

Not only do maps and end screens to cleaner viewing experiences, but they also generate seven times more clicks on YouTube and work well on mobile. Annotations do not appear in the mobile YouTube app.

All of this comes together as a good reason for burning notes to a sharp and attempt to forget that they ever existed.

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