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The closest look of the Canon EOS R3

The Canon EOS R3 has been one of the most talked about cameras of the year, but until then it seemed to exist only on paper, in renderings and in the minds of Canon engineers – but no longer. In a video published by Gordon Laing, he shows that the camera is really real and not just steam.

Laing, who runs the Camera Labs website as well as a new YouTube channel called Dino Bytes, was given the exclusive opportunity to take a look at the EOS R3 in person, discuss a few points about it and view it from several angles that have not been shown specifically to anyone else.

In a conversation with PetaPixel, Laing specified that while he was able to take as many photos and videos of the camera from any angle he wanted, there were some limitations to what he could do with the pre-production unit.

First, he was not allowed to turn on the camera or see it turned on at all, which may indicate that it was a non-functioning model ̵

1; he was not told in any way. Laing was also not allowed to remove the body cap to look at the sensor, although he says he expects the shutter to have been closed anyway, even though he had been.

But because he was able to see the camera in person, there are a few details he was able to collect that were not necessarily something that could be noted from seeing only the official reproductions.

“I can not comment on weight, but in terms of size, it looks like a slightly shrunken 1DX, most noticeably shorter due to the lower viewfinder head,” says Laing PetaPixel. “My exposures in the woods were a little bright, so it looks a little darker. I have to say that I really liked what it looked like personally. Obviously bigger than an R5, but nowhere near as big as a 1Dx. I guess the Olympus EM1X would be the closest when it comes to overall lift, and I have estimated the size of my video. ”

Laing specifies that his time with R3 is more of a “hands-off” than a “hands-on” experience. While he was able to get closer to the camera than anyone outside of Canon still had, he was still particularly limited with what he was allowed to show.

“I always take the opportunity to see a product in person when I get the choice. It allowed me to film it from several angles, so we can look at the buttons, controls and different projections. ”

For more information on Laing on the R3, be sure to watch the video above and check out more photos on the EOS R3 page at Camera Labs. For more, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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