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The cast tone of your Nest devices is updated to sound more comfortable

Nest Hubs, speakers and more now receive an updated ‘casting tone’. When you select a device to throw to, you usually hear the following sound. This is Google’s way of giving you an audible confirmation that you have connected your device to the speaker or monitor. The old tone just below has a kind of down-turn at the end of it that gives you a kind of sinking feeling in your mind. It’s probably meant to sound ‘definite’ as if to say ‘yes, I did what you asked for – professionalism!’

In comparison, the new one has an upward bend at the end of it with a higher pitch. There is no doubt that the psychology of this sound design is intentional. Google has been working for a more “friendly” and “colorful” and “approximate” design for many years now, and they have done so much to succeed. I would actually be interested in seeing an overview of this new tone from their sound engineer one day.

These types of updates seem small and unimportant, but as many times as I hear the pitch of my speakers throughout my home, the new sound seems to lift my spirits a little more. Everything beats the dreadful, dark pit of a sound that Hangouts has made since forever. I’m just glad we do not have to worry about it anymore.

Google’s long quest to completely renew the Nest Hub screen, offer more family-friendly content and redesign it completely, is probably almost complete if they are concerned with sound design now. Hub has come a long way, but the moment Google completes something, they change everything again, so I’m sure this is not the last update we see for these devices. Nest becomes their golden child in recent years, and I love it.

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