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The Bugha package will be the next Icon Series feature

Solo World Cup winner Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf will be the next creator to be introduced in the infamous Icon Series

While he is often referred to as the most successful competitive Fortnite player of all time, Bugha has left a lasting mark on the game. His victory in the World Cup alone is the biggest Fortnite award in the game’s history, and his competitiveness continues years later

Bugha has continued to prioritize two crafts since the infamous day: Fortnite and streaming. On the ascent to the top of Twitch, Bugha has gathered over 4.5 million followers on Twitch, and many millions more between Instagram, YouTube and Twitter

Today, Bugha̵

7;s brand takes a new meteoric leap with its induction into the Icon Series

Bughas bundle will include a skin, duel with pickaxe, glider and dance fashion. Check out his full announcement on stream:

The only criticism floating around is that this crossover should have happened before. It can be discussed that no other candidates fit the bill closer to the Icon series, and now it is becoming a reality

In addition, competitive players should be happy to hear that Epic Games will run a simultaneous arena mode labeled “Bugha’s Late Game”

The trio game starts in zone 3 with already distributed loads. It reads like a hybrid between competitive Fortnite and Zone War

Congratulations to Bugha for his well-deserved achievement, and good luck to all the sweats out there fighting for their share of Bugha’s $ 100,000 prize pool

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