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The best tablet in 2020 did not come from Apple

So I love iPad Air 2020, which I think is best tablet of Apple’s entire range. But it mostly works out to be an iterative remix of iPad Pro features with a smaller price tag. This year’s favorite board, however, comes from a company you’ve probably never heard of, and does not run any of your favorite taps.

Despite these strange conditions, marks 2 is my choice for the best tablet in 2020. Do not worry if this is the first thing you have heard about the reMarkable brand, reMarkable 1 was a nice device but turned out not to be cool or successful for some reason, as I come to below. ReMarkable 2 fully lives up to its name, and became an important part of my life during this year with adjusted workflows.

ReMarkable 2̵

7;s completely unique look is part of the appeal, and it starts with the shockingly thin 0.2-inch thick frame. It’s 50% less thick than the 0.3-inch reMarkable 1, and much of that change is in how it’s got a whole new body. Gone is the blocked and bulky white plastic frame and frames, replaced by a smooth machined aluminum disc that houses a 10.3-inch digital paper screen, in what feels like a miracle of engineering.

reMarkable 2 thinness

(Photo credit: Tom’s Guide / Henry T. Casey)

By comparison, the new iPad Air is really just the iPad Pro, but with new color choices. They are pretty, but not exactly a revelation.

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