Earlier today, Droid Life informed that Essential Phone was now sold out on Amazon and speculated that this could be the "end" of PH-1. This was after the company's own storefront seemed to be out of stock last week, and Best Tube's unlocked listing has the phone as "no longer available." Curious, we reached out to Essential for more info and were told the company "won't add any new inventory" while focusing on its next mobile device.

The full statement offered by an Important Spokesperson is below:

We are sold out by Essential Phone at essential.com and will not add any new stock. We now work hard on our next mobile product and will continue to sell accessories and provide fast software update and customer support to our existing community.

Essential has never had a problem in providing fast software update ̵

1; in fact, it's probably the best Android OEM in terms of the subject – but the company's verification should ease any concerns for existing customers. Along with continued sales of accessories, those who are already rocking a PH-1 shouldn't have much to worry about.

This "next mobile product" is important to work with may be the AI ​​phone Bloomberg previously revealed, which would make a significant deviation from PH-1. This new phone was rumored to be an "anti-smartphone" with a small screen, designed for speech-first interaction. Whatever it ends, today's statement is the first official confirmation by the first party that the company is working on new mobile products.

Whether you are excited about Andy Rubin's potentially over-ambitious future vision or not, your chances of snagging the original Essential Phone through official channels have now mostly ended, although some third-party sellers are still beating it on Amazon and Best Buy still has some Sprint models again.