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The Apple Car Team has had several departures in recent months

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In the ongoing saga of Apple’s long-rumored plans to build an electric car, a new report claims that the company has hit a bumpy stretch after several top executives from the car development division has left the company in recent months.

According to Bloomberg, Former Tesla engineer Doug Field is still in charge of the division that oversees the development of the Apple car, but the core of the project The management team – which consists of fewer than a dozen people – has suffered at least three major departures already this year.

The latest exit is reportedly that of Dave Scott, who recently left Apple to become CEO of Hyperfine, which is a company that works to create new and cheaper MRI systems. And just before Scott left, the person previously in charge of Apple Car’s security and regulatory team, Jaime Waydo, left the company to become CTO of autonomous start-up of the car Cavnue.

Finally, back to February, says Bloomberg Benjamin Lyon, one of the original members of Apple car team, stop working as a senior engineer for space and satellite launch companies Astra.

While most predictions claims that Apple Car will not be ready to 2024 or No earlier than 2025, rumors and reports about the development of Apple Car continue to get a lot of attention as Apple entering the automotive world is one of the company’s biggest most challenging new projects ever.

Back in January and February, there were reports of it Apple had chosen Hyundai’s E-GMP EV car platform as a base for Apple Car, just for negotiations between Apple and Hyundai to fall apart a week later Some executives at Hyundai expressed concern about being turned into a contract maker for Apple, similar to the role Foxconn plays in making iPhones.

Bloomberg says that one of the problems that plagues Apple Car’s development is several changes in scope. Back in the beginning of the project in 2014, Apple’s original plan was to build a vehicle to compete with Tesla’s EVs. But sometime in 2016, Apple reportedly reduced the scope to developing only an autonomous driving system instead of an entire car. But recently, it seems that Apple has changed its priorities again to create a full self-driving electric car, potentially with the help of established EV manufacturers when it comes to creating a core valve platform.

So even if the most aggressive estimates for the arrival of the Apple Car still place the vehicle’s release state three or four years away, if the company’s Car division continues to suffer from a layoff of talent and a shift in focus, there is a good chance that people looking forward to the Apple Car can wait much longer than that.

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