Build-A-Bear Workshop is collaborating with Nintendo to create cuddly versions of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters for lovers of the critter-filled game.

“We are excited to bring island fun to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Build-A-Bear Workshop,” said Jennifer Kretchmar, Build-A-Bear’s head of digital and merchandising, in a statement. “Fans of the game will surely be transported to an island paradise and ready for fun with these furry friends. This collection is perfect for players and collectors of all ages! ”

The Build Your Own stuffed animal company is offering two Animal Crossing characters, Tom Nook and Isabelle, exclusively online for a period before they are available in stores this summer.

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In addition to Tom Nook and Isabelle, the collection includes clothing and accessories – all inspired by the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for the Nintendo Switch, which was released last year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the Switch game, Animal Crossing was released in 2001.

On Instagram on Tuesday, Build-A-Bear posted a “stuffing” video with the twins Veronica and Vanessa, who filled the Animal Crossing characters.

The collection became available to the public on Tuesday at 10.00 CST, and eager customers were allowed to enter the sales waiting room half an hour early. Everyone in the queue got a random place in front of the fall.

While the prospects for the new release gave some excitement from customers who watched the “stuffing premiere”, others expressed disappointment with selected characters that were made available.

“Disappointed is not even the word,” wrote @mollie_crossing.

@ guildmaster.athena seconded the feeling: “My disappointment is immense and my day is ruined.”

“Are you kidding me, are they just the two of you ???” asked @

“just two? Hardly a gathering. Everyone was looking forward to more: I woke up early for this,” @charrebi added.

And other customers asked for more information that had not been provided during the video. “How much do they cost?” asked @quackptht, noticing that their partner had joined the Build-A-Bear waiting room and was facing a line of more than an hour.

The bundles cost $ 51 and include either five sounds or the theme song Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

On Instagram Monday, the company posted about the collaboration after a tease on March 20, noting that the Animal Crossing collection comes as the game marks “a year of eye adventure.”

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