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The Amazon Android app was just redesigned with new bottom line navigation

If you regularly use the Amazon Android app, you have probably noticed that it … is not good. People have long complained about the app’s design, but fortunately important changes have been introduced that improve the overall experience.

Amazon has apparently released an update to its Android app (via Droid-Life) which introduces a bottom navigation line. The line contains quick links to your home, your profile, shopping cart and a menu for orders, lists, account information and more. The update is more in line with what is already available on iOS.

Droid-Life also points out that the Amazon Android app also includes a font change – or a change in font size ̵

1; which you can see in different parts of the app. Overall, the app looks much cleaner and comes after Amazon changed the Android app’s icon.


Photos via Droid-Life

In addition, the Amazon Android app also has pages that are more branded for Whole Foods and Fresh. Now, when you navigate to these pages, you will see designs that fit better with the brands, including color choices, logos, etc. In other words, it is more obvious when you are not navigating the regular Amazon store front.

People have asked Amazon to make changes to the Android app, and these prayers have finally been answered. This is a welcome change and makes the app look much nicer, which in turn will make it easier for consumers to buy things.

I’ve been using the updated look of the Amazon app on iOS for a while now. It takes a while to get used to, but in the end it’s an improvement. Having quick access to the Whole Foods page makes it easy to scan a barcode that helps me save on groceries.

It is unclear at this time if this is a server side update or not. In any case, make sure you have the latest version of the Amazon Android app and you should see it soon.

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