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The ‘absolute worst’ that can happen to the electric vehicle industry right now by Leah Barkoukis

GM announced that it has issued a recall on every single Chevy Bolt made so far due to the fire hazard of the battery. This move comes after two previous recalls, which were aimed at specific models.

The Bolt was first recalled in November after five cars that had not crashed caught fire. After investigating the matter further, Chevy recalled a new party in July. The problem was traced to two manufacturing defects that can occur simultaneously. The defects – a torn anode flap and a folded separator – created conditions that can lead to short circuits in affected cells. So far, the company has identified 1

0 fires involving defective batteries, according to an AP report.

This third and final recall includes 73,000 bolts made from 2019 to 2022, the current model year, bringing the total recall to nearly 142,000 cars, with over 100,000 sold in the United States. GM estimates that the first recalls will cost $ 800 million, and it expects the new one to add $ 1 billion to the total. GM said it would apply for a refund from LG. […]

Until replacement batteries are ready and service agreements can be planned, GM has recommended Bolt owners park their vehicles outside and limit the battery’s charge condition to 90 percent or lower. The company also recommended not letting the estimated area fall below 70 miles. GM says it is working with LG Chem to increase the production of replacement cells. (Cable)

As Tom’s guide notes, the recall is not just a massive hit for Chevrolet. It is “without a doubt the absolute worst thing that can happen to the electric car industry right now” because it “can scare many EV buyers”. This comes on the heels of President Biden signing a business order that sets a goal of making half of all new cars sold by 2030 electric.

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