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The 11-year-old finds loopholes in the Newegg app to quickly buy PC graphics cards

(The custom PC builder service on Newegg’s mobile app.)

An 11-year-old boy in Florida has uncovered a loophole in Newegg’s mobile app that allowed him to buy an Nvidia RTX 3000 graphics card in seconds.

I tried the loophole today, and – amazingly enough – it works. Bypass allows me to purchase a $ 729 Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card without going through Newegg’s lottery system to land a GPU.

I also did not have to buy the graphics card as part of a package. Newegg charged my credit card for the RTX 3070 card as a standalone purchase. According to the dealer, my order will be shipped later today.

Newegg website.
Newegg e-mail

7;s website and email showing my confirmed order.

I learned about the loophole of Ricardo Santana, who lives in Orlando, Florida. His son, who goes by the same name, stumbled across the bypass in his desperate search to buy a new graphics card amid the huge chip shortage.

For several months, the duo had not been successful in obtaining a GPU from the retailer’s lottery system, Newegg Shuffle, which distributes a limited number of PC graphics cards every day. In April, Newegg said an average of 100,000 people participated in the lotteries. Therefore, your chances of scoring a card from the system are low.

But last week, the 11-year-old boy discovered a way around the entire lottery system. “I was very surprised when he came away and the graphics card was in his (Newegg) carriage,” said Elder Ricardo Santana. “I was like ‘check out, check out, check out, check out,’ and then everything went smoothly.”

11 year old Ricardo Santana
11 year old Ricardo Santana Jr. with the graphics card, which is inside his desk rig.

Three business days later, they received the GPU, an EVGA RTX 3090, which is currently listed as sold out on Newegg. “He’s playing on it right now,” Santana said of his son.

How the loophole works

It involves the retailer’s custom PC builder service, through which Newegg has begun selling a limited number of RTX 3000 graphics cards. These products have been called “hot items”, but the GPUs can only be purchased as a package with other PC parts, including CPU, RAM, motherboard, power supply and case. You also have to pay Newegg to assemble the parts for a work table for you.

Screenshots of me who completed the order for RTX 3070.
Screenshots of me completing the order for the RTX 3070.

However, Santana’s son discovered that Newegg’s mobile app allows you to purchase the hottest graphics cards from the custom PC builder service individually. Go to PC Builder> Build Your PC> Video Card Part. You will see various RTX 3000 GPUs sold out. But in some cases, if you add the product to the shopping cart, the app will do so and let you buy it.

The video below shows this solution in action. As you can see, Newegg even allowed me to add more than one RTX 3000 GPU to my cart, and check them out if I wanted to.

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Elder Santana reached out to PCMag about the loophole after reading about my experience camping on a Best Buy to buy a GPU earlier this week. By using this loophole, I was able to bypass the painful wait completely.

“I was thinking of buying more, but do not want to abuse it, and would like to give other people the opportunity,” he said. “I think they (Newegg) prioritize selling custom buildings with the inventory they have for Shuffle. I’m not sure exactly how many people win Shuffle, but I tried Shuffle so many times and never won.

“It’s awful that we have to go to this degree to be able to get these cards,” he added.

The loophole, on the other hand, can make it easier than ever to buy a PC graphics card from Newegg. We have contacted the dealer and we will update the story if we hear back. But expect bypasses to be patched soon.

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