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Tfue explains why Ninja and other great streamers stop playing Fortnite

Formerly one of Fortnite’s greatest personalities and most successful competitors, Tfue eventually stops playing Epic’s battle royale altogether, and has now shed light on why he and the other creators quit the game.

While Fortnite was once considered the king of the Battle Royales, it has seen a slow but steady decline in popularity. With new challengers such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends hitting the player base, the title is no longer considered by many to be the premier BR experience.

In a recent livestream on Twitch, former Fortnite streamer and pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney shared his views on the game in the midst of an ongoing rift in society, explaining why he thinks many big name streamers like Tyler ̵

6;Ninja’ Blevins left the game for greener pastures.

Tfue Minecraft Streaming
Twitch / Tfue

Tfue believes most streamers with a strong personal brand have moved on from Fortnite.

The conversation began when a viewer asked Tenney why their Twitter timeline was “full of kids crying about the game.” While Tfue briefly touched on Epic Games, which banned pros from competing in stakes, he then turned to the emigration of content creators from the game in general.

“The Ninja guy, what is he playing, League [of Legends] now? Not surprised. What about that Tfue guy, he plays Minecraft, he plays Warzone? Interesting. How about the big Fortnite streamer NICKMERCS? What is he playing, CoD? It’s crazy, ”he shouted sarcastically to the fans.

“It’s almost like all the great streamers with a bit of personality have ventured into different games,” he continued, referring to the fact that many content creators who previously focused on Fortnite (like Ninja) have stopped playing the game, in some cases completely .

“They realized they have a personality and can dare to play other games and still have a streaming career,” Turner explained. He then confirmed his view that “basically, Fortnite is just filled with a bunch of people without personality and the game’s f ** king dead.”

Tfue shared his perspective on the state of Fortnite, as many members of the game’s community, such as NRG’s Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod, expressed their own disappointment over BR’s current season and ongoing effort controversy as the hashtag #RIPFortnite trends on Twitter.

Tenney ended his explanation by saying that “all the amazing personality-filled content creators I met in Fortnite are not playing Fortnite now. Why play a game that sucks? “These comments come about five months after he publicly shared his own reasons for leaving BR.

While Fortnite still boasts impressive engagement numbers, it’s clear that players like Tfue and Ninja made a conscious decision to move away from creating content based on Epic’s title, which is never a good sign in today’s world, where content creators run player storage and interest.

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