The naming and labeling of things is not Google's forte. One day a service is launched, the next one is renamed, and the third is rolled into another service, which is then rebranded again. It was the history of Google Wallet and Android Pay until they became unified in Google Pay. Now, Google Tez goes with them under the same umbrella.

Tez, the mobile payment service launched by Google in India, has not even reached its one year anniversary. However, since its arrival in September, it has grown and is now being used by over 22 million users and businesses each month that have made over 750 million transactions.

Rebrand to Google Pay does not seem to mean much right now, but Google says it's a first step towards unifying their payment services globally. It has learned a lot from Tez and plans to incorporate some of the features (easy access to contacts, mobile charging and one-touch reward) to Google Pay for other countries. On the other hand, Indian users will get some of the Google Pay features, and they should benefit from access to multiple partners online and in stores over time.

The Tez Android app does not appear to have been updated yet, but we will let you know when it does and see if it requires a new APK. In the meantime, you can continue to use Tez normally.

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