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Tesla’s updated models S and X will have RDNA 2 GPUs, confirms AMD

When Tesla announced its updated Model S and Model X in January, it was not shy to say that the new infotainment systems will offer up to 10 teraflops of power. At the time, rumors were circulating that AMD would supply Tesla’s new graphics hardware. That makes sense, since the company’s RDNA 2 GPUs are also behind PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. (Ryzen chips with built-in Radeon graphics) in their infotainment systems.

Su noted that the RDNA 2 graphics will kick in when you play something that requires a lot of power. It’s similar to the way some laptops juggle integrated and discrete graphics cards. It also makes sense for Teslas, since you do not want a long battery life by keeping a powerful GPU active at all times.

So why do you need console quality graphics in your car? First, you may want to put in some playing time during lunch or an extended charging session. The updated Teslas also has two screens: a 1

7-inch front and a smaller rear for passengers. So even if the driver does not get much time to play, there is a good chance that people in the back seat will. (At least it’s a great way to keep kids quiet.)

To be honest, however, decent graphics power seems like a given in cars starting upwards of $ 74,000.

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