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Tesla Model S update on the inside reveals V11 UI, “Drag Strip Mode”, “Smart Shift” and more

A recent observation of a Tesla Model S update has provided what may very well be the first glimpse of software version 11’s potential user interface, as well as some of the features. The photos also showed how Tesla can use the Model S update’s Cybertruck size 17 ″ infotainment system and instrument cluster.

In a post ir / TeslaMotors subreddit, electric car enthusiast u / FridayTheDog111 noted that the photos were taken in one of two high-mileage Model S update units that traveled from Phoenix to Fremont. The EV enthusiast did not say where he met the vehicle, although the photos appeared to have been taken on the Kettleman Supercharger.

A look at the photos that the electric car enthusiast shared reveals that the V1

1 software will include some UI changes compared to the V10. The car’s 3D avatar, which appears to be about the same size as those in the Model 3 and Model Y, was shown in the instrument cluster. This indicates that driving visualizations in the upcoming vehicle will be displayed in the instrument cluster, similar to its predecessor.

The extra screen property offered by the 17 seems infotainment system seems remarkable, which can be seen in the screen’s support for multiple widgets. But as far as these are interesting, what really stood out in the recent photos were some of the features listed in the “Driving” menu of the new Model S. In the photos you could see new features like “Smart Shift”, a dedicated “Drag Strip Mode”, and an option for “Insane” acceleration.

While the nature of the new features has not yet been announced by Tesla, it seems that “Smart Shift” relates to a feature that Elon Musk referred to on Twitter recently. In a tweet, the Tesla boss noted that the Model S update would be able to operate without a shifter. A later nice email provided further details about the feature, with Musk saying that the system would use Autopilot cameras to determine if a vehicle should be in Park, Neutral, Reverse or Drive. These features seem to fit the bill of a “Smart Shift” feature.

“Insane” acceleration is a return to the days of the Model S P85D, a variant of a fully electric flagship sedan that can go from 0-60 km / h in 3.2 seconds. Insane Mode is partly responsible for the trend of Tesla owners sharing reaction videos of passengers experiencing Model S acceleration for the first time. “Drag Strip Mode”, in terms of moniker, seems to refer to a feature that allows drivers to launch the Model S with the best possible performance.

That said, the fact that no “Plaid” references were in the recently photographed Model S refresh images suggests that the car is a Dual Motor Long Range AWD variant. However, it should also be noted that the recent images only showed a few screens and features that were available in Model S refresh’s V11 software. Other features, especially those that will be unique to the Model S Plaid, will probably be even more exciting.

Watch the Tesla Model S update perform a three-point turn before accelerating in the video below.

NEW Model S takes off video. (See also previous post) from r / teslamotors

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