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Tesla is about to raise the ribs with the new Model S Plaid, expect some surprises

Tesla is in the process of unveiling the new Model S Plaid, without a doubt the biggest update to the vehicle program, which is already almost a decade old.

We expect the carmaker to uncover some surprises that will raise the bar.

I have the 2012 Model S Signature. It’s still a great vehicle that performs better than many brand new electric cars today, but it’s unrecognizable compared to a new Model S.

It was built before Tesla began building twin-engine drive wheels and autopilots.

New Model S cars have more range, charge twice as fast, and are generally built better than Tesla̵

7;s previous version of the premium electric sedan.

You could easily argue that the Tesla Model S was already the best car you could buy, making it difficult to imagine how Tesla would raise the ribs with the new 2021 Model S Plaid.

This is what we already know, like the new tri-engine Palladium driveline that enables an acceleration of 0-60 km / h in 1.9 seconds and a quarter mile in 9 seconds.

Tesla also confirmed the use of a new powerful gaming computer to power the new entertainment system in the new Model S.

But we expect Tesla to have some surprises during the delivery event tomorrow night.

It is the infamous new butterfly steering wheel that has garnered the most attention since the announcement of the new version of the Model S.

People want Tesla to explain how the situation is with the steering wheel since several prototypes were discovered with a round steering wheel.

We already discussed how Tesla removed the steering wheel stems and even plans to use Autopilot to automatically activate the correct driving mode (Drive, Reverse, Neutral, or Park).

But what I’ve seen people talk about less is the potential for Tesla to introduce a steering-wheel-drive system with the new steering wheel.

People have been worried about turning the radius of the new butterfly steering wheel, which Tesla calls the new “Yoke” steering wheel, but Tesla can adjust it to perfection with a steering-for-wiring system.

We previously reported exclusively that Tesla was working on a new control-by-wire system, and although we could not confirm that it was for the new Model S, it is not impossible that Tesla will end up releasing more details during the unveiling event .

With a steering-by-wire system, Tesla will be able to position this new steering wheel to have a perfect sense of shape and even potentially offer a range of customizable emotions.

When it comes to surprises, I think Tesla could also unveil a brand new user interface with the new Model S.

The new Model S and Model X require a new interface due to the new display configuration.

Tesla went horizontally for the center screen, as in model 3 and model Y, but it can not just copy the same user interface since the left side (right side for right-hand drive) is occupied by the two vehicles. instrument cluster.

The new Model S and Model X still have a separate screen for the instrument cluster, which means that Tesla will have a lot of screen property to bring a new user interface to production in the new vehicles.

It’s on top of the new screen in the back seat, which also requires a new user interface.

The user interface is something Tesla has been miles ahead of other automakers for many years now, but there is always room for improvement, and it’s exciting to see where they take things.

Tesla’s new user interface is expected to come in a new v11 software update.

Glimpses of the Tesla v11 have leaked into a Model S Plaid prototype that was discovered in the wild earlier this year.

While some of the features will undoubtedly be exclusive to the new Model S and Model X, we expect that some of the new user interface will also make it model 3, Model Y and maybe even older Model S and Model X.

Join us on Electrek tomorrow, Thursday 10 June, at 19 PT (22 ET) for all details during Tesla’s delivery event.

What more do you think Tesla could announce tomorrow? Let us know in the comments section below.

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